Monday, 23 October 2017

Beauty Under A Fiver: Superdrug nourishing sock pack

I have long been passionate about budget beauty and skincare. For a long time I used to read blogs solely for the fact that they would tell you what products were worth spending your hard earned pennies on. Unfortunately I feel a lot of bloggers have been won over by brands and lost a little bit of touch with reality. I saw a post recently that said that they classed a budget cleanser as anything under £50. I understand that people have different budgets, but to me that is ridiculous! I work full time in the NHS and while I love my job, the pay is horrendous. I want my skincare to be cheap and effective. So every Monday I will be bringing you a budget beauty post. Luckily I have a huge stash to shop (I am a hoarder) and so I will be reviewing all of the products I already own, along with the off purchase along the way.

Firstly I want to bring to you the Superdrug foot nourishing sock pack. I was sent these a few weeks ago as part of my self care September but due to cutting my foot open on a broken plate (blame my cat) I was delayed in using them. Anyway, I finally decided to use them as part of a pamper evening and I was so glad that I did! They feel a bit weird when you put them on ... imagine one of those gloves you get at the petrol station in a sock shape and filled with moisturiser! However, I put both my feet in and secured them with the tab and put my feet up for 20 minutes while watching TV. I washed and dried my feet as per the instructions so they were ready for the mask

I used the peppermint ones and they felt lovely and cooling on my feet. I did need the toilet at around the ten minute mark and had to walk very carefully to the bathroom as they were rather slippy however I managed! When I took them off I massaged the excess moisturiser into my feet. They felt so soft and definitely a treat for my tired feet! I think I am going to use them weekly from now on! 

They are usually priced at £1.99 but at the time of writing these are currently on offer here for £1.49 AND you get a free tote bag when you purchase them! They will more than likely be featuring in my empties regularly at this rate! Although I am going to try out a cheaper brand to compare so watch this space ...

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

What I thought of the Curve Fashion Festival

Outfit Details:
Top New Look
Skirt Boohoo but bought second hand
Converse vintage Vintage Scene Leicester 

On Saturday I made my way up to the Curve Fashion Festival at the Liverpool exhibition centre. Ive wanted to write a post for ages about how fashion is so much more important to me since embracing my body, but thats for another day.

Walking into the hall with anxiety was a huge deal for me. I spent most of the morning on the toilet, hyperventaliting thinking about whether to just get back into bed, but I am so glad that I didn't. I put on my tulle skirt, my cats are forever tee and my favourite vintage converse , pulled up my big girl pants and off I went.

I arrived just in time for the how to be an influencer chat with Body Posi Panda and Grace Victory, and I will admit I was completely star struck. Megan was exactly as warm in real life as she appears on her instagram and blog. They talked about the blogging industry and actually spurred me on to keep going with both my blogs (I also run Discovering Charlotte which is focused on health, food and lifestyle) as I am not here to make money. I am here to spread my message and hopefully help other people.

I then followed them to the meet and greet and honestly thought I was going to be sick in the que! They say never meet your Idols but I had a really long chat with Megan about body positivity and thin privilige. I honestly thought I could have stood there and chatted all day!

I then made my way to the VIP lounge which was my biggest dissapointment of the day. Let me tell you know the vip ticket is not worth it in the slightest for three reasons.

1. The Goody Bag. I don't like to complain about goody bags when they are freebies but when they are a perk of the upsell on a ticket I feel it is fair game. A tote bag, some low priced make up and some yours pierced earrings I could have done without. In fact the goody bags that very were giving out to everyone were much better.

2. The VIP catwalk seating. There was plenty of seating at the catwalk and so having reserved seats was neither here nor there. Also they were in blocks at the side, when I have been to other similar events they have had the front row reserved for VIP which personally I prefer.

3. The VIP Lounge. Well this was totally pants. After being sold as being decorated by debenhams there was a lot of plastic seating and again not worth the money as there was plenty of seating around the venue.

After that it was on to the shopping! I am lucky as a size 16/18 that most high street stores still cater to me (and you all know I mostly charity shop anyway) but I was really excited by a few of the brands there! Firstly I bought a gym top from OBD Clothing which I am waiting to arrive (and will feature in a post when it arrives)

I also discovered two new to me brands Apples and Pears Clothing and Plus Equals. Apples and Pears were having a sale but I just felt too hot and sweaty to try anything on even though most brands had changing rooms. Plus Equals are the brand of my dreams which sequins, feathers and all the bright colours. However they are a little out of my price range so I will be keeping an eye on them for special occasions and when I want to spend a little more.

It was also really nice to see online retailers such as Lindy Bop, Very and Navabi as I could really feel the quality in their pieces. Again i didnt have the budget to purchase anything but I know now that in the future I would be happy to purchase from these brands online.

I didn't hang around after this, I was too hot and I just needed to get out. I am sad that I missed Megans book signing (I did buy her book though!) but I just couldnt stay any longer. All in all I am hoping to go again next year, but next time I will stick with a standard ticket, VIP was not worth it.

Did you go to the Curve Fashion Festival? I would love to know what you thought!

Charlotte Lucy

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Spending Diaries: What Happened.


So I wanted to come back today and tell you why I stopped my spending diaries. I am really struggling to write this today because I don't want it to sound like excuses, but I have been spending a lot more than I should have been recently and I have been almost embarrassed to post it.

I was working 50 hour weeks to pay money off my credit card which was fantastic, only as someone with chronic health issues I was basically just running on empty to get my credit card paid off. I was trying to spend less and less and I just wound myself tighter and tighter like a spring and then ricocheted into a massive spending spree. Well, I say that actually it's not as bad as it had once been but I started buying rubbish online I didn't need. Convincing myself that eating out every day was fine because I was working hard. My mental health plummeted and then I just felt awful. Then when I thought it couldn't get worse I was hospitalized in immense pain.

You may or may not know, but I have IBS and I have also had problems with ovarian cysts. I had this sudden onset of pain in my left side and coupled with low blood pressure and a very fast heart rate I ended up being admitted to the Gynae unit on a lot of painkillers. I had a scan and they found cysts again, but not as large as last time, so the consultant said hes pretty sure I have endometriosis. The only way to confirm this is having another laparoscopy which he isnt keen to do because I already have so much scar tissue that could be contributing to the pain. So for now I am going to start back on the pill and treat it as endometriosis with follow up scans in 4 months and possibly more surgery in the not so distant future.


I have got to put my health first. This has meant having a couple of weeks off sick (and therefore on no pay) and also I have had to reduce my hours so I am going to be on a reduced income. As my interest free period ends on my credit card next month I have used some of my house savings to pay it off. So my current goals are:

1. Rebuild up my house savings

2. Pay off my anniversary holiday

3. Reduce my food spend.

4. Make some more money from home!

So there you go if you have made it to the end of this post well done I  know it has been a bit of a ramble but I wanted you to know where I am at. Leave me links to your favourite money savings and money making blogs because this girl needs serious help!

Charlotte Lucy.  

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The Thrift List - July

 OK, so we all know by now that I failed my spending ban right?

I am someone who doesn't have expensive taste, but I LOVE fashion. I have considered and considered and considered a capsule wardrobe but it just isn't for me. However I realised my way of shopping was frantic and haphazard (like most of my life really). I started the Buyers Archive to track my spending and then forgot at the end of each month what I had bought, I have tried giving myself a budget which never works before I feel I have to spend it all and get as many pieces as I can for that price.

So I am trying a new approach. Each month I am going to put together a thrift list. Items I am actually looking for, probably inspired by bloggers I am not going to lie! At the end of each month I will decide if the piece moves onto a master list if I still want it and haven't managed to get it!

This first list may be a little longer as I have been saving fashion posts since May!

So what I am I looking for in July?

Yellow Dress.

I think that La La Land started this obsession but even before that I used to have this yellow dress that I paid 99p for and took every time I went on holiday, however after a good few years the colour had faded and sadly it had to go. So after falling in love with Emma Stones dress, I then spotted the lovely Hayley in a beautiful yellow dress and it ignited a fire within me! I am torn between buying this ASOS number or this New Look one, but I need to shop around.

Colourful biker jacket.

I fell in love with my biker jacket that I managed to get for £4 at the beginning of the year but it just doesn't seem summer appropriate. I saw this gorgeous red one on Lolly and then my gorgeous friend Sophie sporting this pink one and I have been on the hunt ever since. I know a lot of them have been around on the high street (New Look had a fabulous range as did Quiz) but so far I haven't found the perfect style and fit for me.  

Knee length denim skirt.

Preferably button down the middle and has to have some elastic in the waist. I am not fussy right? I used to have quite the collection of skater skirts but since I have gained weight they still fit round the waist but are pretty much obscenely short. I can't even find an image of what I have in my head! But that said I will know it when I see it *makes a little wish to the charity shop fairies.*

Fitted Denim Jacket.

Over the last year or so I have picked up two really perfect denim jackets but they are both over sized and I just can't make them work with maxi dresses. So I am looking for a denim jacket that fits well. I also have a really great patch that I want to iron onto it so it has to be good to make that commitment!

Vintage Converse.

This is something I have always been on the look out for! Either converse or converse style shoes, I bought some rocket dog ones at the beginning of the year with beautiful daisies size 6 though and they are too small so I will be selling them if anyone is interested. I have a pair of white ones from new look that I am wearing to death at the moment so I would like a bit more variety. 

So that's what I am looking out for this month. Do you have things in mind you want to buy? 

Charlotte Lucy