Tuesday, 20 June 2017

The Fast Fashion Fast: Part 2.

If you haven't read my last post, you may not know that I am following Verena Erin's fast fashion fast and today I wanted to talk about why I shop. If nothing else my no spend challenge which I have had to dramatically alter has shown me that shopping has just become something I do for the sake of it. To kill time but also because when I feel mentally drained its like a sugar fix. I used to binge eat and while I am not completely cured from these habits I have found that shopping has almost replaced it as my crutch.
As a result I have a wardrobe full of clothes that don't get as much love as they should, a pile of books to be read and boxes full of the latest skincare that, realistically could probably last me a lifetime if they wouldn't expire. Like I said in the other post I don't really shop fast fashion much anyway, but fashion in general I love. One of the things I really regret buying was a two sizes too small Cath Kidston tee from a charity shop. I think when I bought it it was to slim into, and now I have embraced my body this is no longer even part of my life plan. So why is it still hanging in my wardrobe? I can't seem to let go of it! So actually if any of you reading this want a size 10 blue teapot print Cath Kidston tee let me know, It could do with a good home!
I went out for lunch last week with my friend and minimalist Rebecca and I was telling her about how I have this all or nothing kind of mentality when it comes to practically everything in my life. So my instinct was to take a black bag and just empty my whole wardrobe. However I know that purge would lead to inevitably me three months down the line realising that I had discarded all my autumn winter clothes and then needed more.
So instead I am taking a slow but sure approach. I am going to keep a list in my bedroom of clothes that I want to add to my wardrobe. I am then going to go hunting only for these items, I realise I love the hunt. I love rooting through charity shops looking for items, but at the moment my mindset seems to be that I see the day wasted if I don't buy anything and that's what I need to change!

Are you taking part in the fast fashion fast? I would love to see your posts below!

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The Spending Diaries: Three

Last week went really well but because I had to buy my glasses etc it still feels like I spent a lot! I am thinking about setting myself a challenge this week (along with my frugal food week) to spend no more than £30. Let see how it goes ...


00:15 - Money goes in. This is always the danger zone for me as I end up on amazon and there are a lot of books I want out at the moment. I have a browse but dont even log in as I know I won't be buying anything. My mind goes into overdrive trying to see if I can buy anything that I can justify as an essential.

08:00 - Finish my four nights! Im really really tired but it will be worth it when I get paid next week. I transfer money into my holiday and house savings and pne of the girls I was working with gives me a lift home which saves me waiting for the bus!

08:45 - Theres a knock on the door and its a parcel of bone broth from Ossa Organic that I won in a competition! Can't wait to try them this week. I decide to get into bed and watch youtube!

16:05 - Forgot to set an alarm and just wake up. Oops. Start thinking about dinner. I REALLY want a takeaway but thats not going to happen. I might have burgers.

17:00 - Tom got home and decided that he wanted a carvery for dinner and said he would buy mine too. I know this really defeats the point of the spending ban, but hes not on a ban and I really wanted carvery so I accepted the invite so we went after voting.

20:45 - Back home and in bed watching telly. I genuinely spend so much time in bed, I love it.

Total: £0.
I can't believe how many non spend days I am having. I only worked 20 hours last week and usually I would use that as ana excuse not to put money in the savings as I would tell myself I couldn't afford it.


08:15 - Wake up with mixed feelings about the election results.  Try not to think about and carry on regardless.

11:15 - I meet my friend Kirstie in Leicester  I go round primark and the pound shop with her and I am suprised really at how little I want to buy. I am tempted by baragin toiletries but knowing I cant buy them keeps me going. We pick up my glasses which I paid for last week and I am really happy that they come with a hard case! Small things ey?

12:30 - We head over to The Exchange because I won a Pizza Party for two on one of their social media which honestly couldn't have come at a better time. I know I am only on week 2 but I am missing lunches out. The pizza was delicious and I will be going back again as soon as the spending ban is over!

13:30 - After lunch we have a walk around the shops and Boots is my weakness. I leave behind the sleek matte me lipgloss thats reduced to £2 and also the half price batiste dry conditioner I have been dying to try but I resist. One of the things, we have both been decluttering and have done a little product swap (which will be on the blog soon) so without spending a penny I have some new goodies to try and so does kirstie! We also make a stop at the library and I pick up a Joe Wicks recipe book as I love the idea of 15 minute meals - though having a flick through it there doesn't seem to be many budget options!

15:30 - I have noticed that using my highcross plus app I can get a free smoothie and so thats what I do! I order the fruit salad and it is sooo good!

16:30 - I get the bus back home! After having a look in the fridge we have some cheese burger melts that need eating so for dinner I defrost some burger buns and find myself a veggie burger and tom a normal burger and topped with a few gherkins thats dinner sorted.

19:30 - After a bit more decluttering (I am on a mission here) we get into bed and make use of our netflix subscription, watch movies and eat cheese and chutney in bed.

Total: £0.
I know I wont be able to win lunch every week but this was fun!


12:48 -  I didn't set an alarm this morning and I have just woken up. I feel really groggy like I have had too much sleep but carry on regardless.

13:30 - We take a load of cardboard and metal to the tip that we have been hoarding in our garden for ages! Usually we would have to motivate ourselves to go somewhere like that with the promise of breakfast out or something but actually the thought of getting our house into some kind of order is spurring me on. I really let my house slip into chaos when my depression was spiralling downwards and now I feel much better getting it into order.

14:00 - We go to morrisons to do the food shop this week because I need to stock up on cat food and their 48 pack seems to be the cheapest I can find at £8.75. We also buy gardening shears £4.99 and 24 cans of coca cola £6 (I want to curb this addiction but slowly does it.) The rest of the food shop comes in at £29.42 and includes some reduced fish pie mix for lunch tomorrow and a bottle of red wine so I am pretty happy with that!

17:00 - For dinner we have a coupld of whoops pizzas from the back of the freezer and to be honest the co-ops own one hasnt frozen well and goes a bit hard when cooked. Well you live and learn.

19:00 - We leave the house for the cinema (We already have cineworld unlimited cards which cost £17.40 a month) and for the first time since I was on Slimming World I take my own snacks from home so don't spend a single penny! We chose to see my Cousin Rachel and it was the most boring film I have seen in a while. Although I think it would win an award for the most awkward sex scene in a movie ...

22:30 - Get into bed to watch telly. Drink the bottle of red wine and eat cheese and chutney ... we really know how to spend a saturday night!

Total: £49.16
I have set myself a budget of £50 a week for food and groceries and this includes the cat food which will last more than the week and so I am happy with that!


10:30 - Slightly earlier to rise this morning! Tom makes my favourite breakfast of eggy bread using the eggs that need using up and bread from the freezer. Sit in bed for a while watching the news and entering competitions (trying to win myself a free holiday ... a girl can dream right?

12:30 - Put the reduced fish pie mix, reduced can of sweetcorn (It had a dent in it), baby new potatoes and Ossa Organic fish bone broth (that I won in a competition) into the slow cooker to make a fish chowder for dinner. I cant wait!

14:30 - Ive been doing loads of laundry when I realise we have pretty much run out of washing powder, bleach and you know cleaning supplies in general! We also need a saw to cut down so wood in the garden. We got to B&M and come home £19.52 lighter.

And then I stopped writing.

I wanted to be completely open and honest but i genuinely think I have taken on much more than I can cope with at the moment. Coming off my antidepressants, increasing my hours at work, the spending ban, the declutter. It has all been too much and quite honestly I am not sure what to do with myself right now.

Monday, 12 June 2017

The Fast Fashion Fast

A week ago I signed up for The Fast Fashion Fast.  

I feel like as a blogger who champions charity shopping you might think that this is a waste of time for me, and that I have already got this thing down but you would be wrong. There are two things that I need to tackle fully when it comes to fashion.

1. I need to fully stop supporting fast fashion.

Although I buy the majority of my clothes from charity shops I am guilty of popping into primark, new look, h&m etc and buying bargains. Recently when I was in Ibiza I bought a hell of a lot of statement t-shirts from bershka, mango and pimkie and I did it on impulse. I tend to buy my shoes from New Look and I buy lots of pairs I don't need. 

2. I need to minimalise my wardrobe.

Despite the fact that I have been taking bags and bags to charity shops my wardrobe is still full of things I don't wear! I am starting to put outfits together I want to wear but I need to stop buying things until I have a streamlined version of what I actually want to add to my wardrobe and shop JUST for that.
So that said I am taking this challenge further. For the months of June, July and August I will be participating in a fashion fast. Thats right, no clothes, shoes or accessories for the whole three months. The only exception to the rule is when I am in London at the end of July I am hunting for a really cool pair of vintage converse. 

Are you taking part in the fast fashion fast? I would love to know how you are getting on!

Charlotte Lucy

Thursday, 8 June 2017

The Spending Diaries: Two

After the shock of how much I spent last week I was REALLY looking forward to starting a no spend 6 weeks! I thought it would be such a good idea to have a 6 week no spend to kick start my journey into spending less on things. I think the thing I am going to miss the most is my eating out. So many times I finish at the gym or the library and think I will treat myself to lunch when going home to eat would just make so much more financial sense!

I am not very good at planning and so this will be something that I really need to work at!


09:30 - Let myself have a little lie in this morning after I felt so rubbish last night after my opthamology appointment (I went to bed at around 9 and usually watch telly in bed but because of the pain in my head I needed silence and darkness.)

10:22 - Get the bus into town equipped with snacks (Including blueberry muffins I got from the co op a couple of days ago for 22p for four.) I have my library books to take back so I dont get a fine and I hope to go and sort my glasses out.

10:45 - I realise I have left my debit card at home, so I have no money. Although I know that I am on a no spend it sends me into a complete panic. What if I NEED money? I rationalise with myself that there will be no need for money. The library is free, I have snacks and water, My gym is paid for and I have my bus pass. Its going to be fine.

11:45 - Arrive at the gym and sit in the jacuzzi for a little bit before aqua yoga. Once again my right breast spends the whole time trying to escape from my swimming costume. I think about buying a new one on the way home. Remember I can't. Wonder if it counts as an essential ... it probably doesn't so I stop thinking about it. Fill up my water bottle before leaving the gym and get the bus home! Eat some aldi cheese curls on the way.

14:00 - Get home and have dinner. Avocado (again a yellow label bargain, 68p for two) that needs eating with cream cheese on chia and seed crisp things from aldi. So far I'm enjoying eating at home etc, but my mind is on overdrive. I dont think we think much about the psychological side of spending but I might have to write a post about it.

15:22 - I'm back on the bus into town to get my glasses sorted, £25. I also pop into marks and spencers and then tesco to pick up some yellow label bargains £7.48

19:00 - Go to aldi and morrisions with Tom and spend £38 It seems like a lot of money but actually ive stocked up on a lot of cupboard essentials and things and at the moment food isn't one of the things I want to scrimp on. I am trying to sort out my diet and find out what foods are triggering my IBS.

20:00 - Make dinner at home which consists of a reduced price chicken katsu curry, stuffed peppers and reduced price steamed buns! The meal comes in at around £4 ... much cheaper than a meal out that we would usually have had! While its cooking I also attempt overnight oats for the first time too ...

21:30 - Bed with a headache again!

Todays total: £70.48
Ouch that seems like a lot. I wont spend as much on shopping each week and also I wont need to buy glasses every week!


08:00 - Up early for a doctors appointment! I have a slight panic when I look at my bank account and see I haven't been paid. Its ACTUALLY because I opened and switched to a new tsb account (because Martin Lewis told me too) and its actually in my new account. Panic over.

08:57 - I am home! Change of medication again. I feel a bit pants, mentally and physically which I think I have let the stress of the week get to me. Usually I would take this as a sign to go all "treat yo self" with lunch out and shopping but instead I climb into bed with my overnight oats (which are delicious by the way and from Madeleine Shaws a year of beautiful eating I borrowed from the library) 

10:00 - I have been listening to the budget and cents podcast and its inspired me to start decluttering! 

12:19 - Two rubbish bags and two charity shop bags later I take a break for a snack (shapers bar, apple and a bottle of water all from my fridge!) and turn on youtube for a bit of light relief. End up signing up to My Green Closet's summer fast fashion fast as lord knows I have too many clothes anyway and also I want to move away completely from fast fashion.

15:00 - Still decluttering but really should be getting ready to go out! I am going to the Curve tonight to review the boy in the striped Pyjamas.

16:22 - Just about make it onto the bus! Nana is coming with me and she treats me to a wetherspoons dinner! Then we head off to the theatre.

18:30 - Arrive and get our tickets. These are given to me in exchange for a review on my blog which you can read here 

21:30 - After a few tears Tom picks us up. Im really hungry and would normally have a mcdonalds stop as I didnt bring any snacks with me ... I am really good though and wait and have toast when I get home! I get into bed to write my review and although there are some sale emails in my inbox I click off and watch telly before going to sleep.

Total: £0.
I spent nothing today! I can't believe it! I was lucky to have nana take me to dinner and press tickets to a show, I think its going to be harder on days when I am not actually busy. However I still have a lot of decluttering to do so hopefully I can keep myself busy. 


09:00 - Wake up and watch a few vlogs in bed. Normally on a weekend we like to go out for brunch but we aren't today and so tom makes us eggy bread and crispy bacon ... much cheaper than we would have paid for it if we had gone out! I am at work this afternoon so I need to get my lunch packed and sorted. 

11:00 - Head out to work with a packed lunch, snacks and drinks in my bag! There's a fiver burning a whole in my purse and I am determined not to spend it. Not to let it tempt me.

20:00 - Finish work, straight home to cook tea. Normally I would grab a take away but no, I have food at home (aldi pulled pork, cheese coleslaw, corn on the cob and brioche buns) It tastes BEAUTIFUL.

21:00 - In bed watching legend. Chatting to a couple of my best friends and more importantly ... not shopping.

22:15 - I feel like I can't not mention the horrendous events unfolding in London. I want to instead commend the police for containing the situation within 8 minutes. Our emergency services are world class.

Total: £0.
I couldn't tell you the last time I had two no spend days in a row! Being at work certainly helped.


09:58 - Wake up naturally which feels really good to do! Pop to the co-op to get milk and potatoes £2.89 then sit at home and eat a vanilla danish (my favourite) with a coffee from my dolce gusto machine while catching up on youtube, reading blogs and planning this weeks content.

13:00 - Do a bit more decluttering and then try and get the dinner in! We're having roast chicken and some reduced veg I picked up at morrisons on Thursday for 9p

15:00 - get into bed to watch YouTube and fail at having a nap! 

19:00 - go off to work packed full of goodies and with no cash! Let's do this! 

Total: £2.89
This could have been slightly less if we didn't get the danish. BUT it was bought out shopping to consume at home so I don't think it breaks the rules.


08:00 - Finish my night shift and head straight home. Do not pass go, do not collect £200. I get in and get straight into bed with the hubby for 10 minutes before he leaves for work.

13:00 - Wake up in a panic that I haven't set an alarm. Set one and go back to sleep.

16:00 - Get up properly,. take all my supplements and then throw some quorn nuggets and potato wedges into the halo fryer. Also get a toad in the hole out of the freezer (57p Bargain from weeks ago) to defrost for tomorrow night.

18:00 - Buy a can of cherry coke on my way to work 99p which is breaking the ban but I have been craving it so badly and that's my excuse! Come to work armed with naked noodles, overnight oats and plenty of snacks all from my own kitchen!

Total: 99p
A small price to pay for the sweet sweet nectar.


08:00 - Finish work at the hospital much further away from my house. I have to go through town and I am tempted by marks and spencers but I don't! I go straight to the bus station and home to bed!

16:00 - Wake up, cook dinner, make overnight oats. Get the bus to work!

Total: £0
 Today was really really easy.


08:00 - I want a McDonald's breakfast so badly I have to get the bus instead of walking through town because I know that if I smell a sausage mcmuffin I wont be able to resist.

09:00 - Get home and have a bacon sandwich. Worth it.

17:30 - I had a lie in today and get up and have a £1 whoops pizza out of the freezer. Forget to make overnight oats for work but just fill my bag with snacks and drinks from the fridge and cupboards!

19:00 - Go off to work!  

Total: £0
I think I am getting the hang of this!

Weekly total spend: £74.36

Groceries: £48.37
New Glasses: £25
Food and Drink Out: 99p

I am really proud of this! Yes I slipped up on that can of coke but compared to what I spent last week this is worlds apart. I didn't just mindlessly spend money either! I managed to pay money into my house and holiday savings as well as paying £100 off my credit card! I am really excited to get going on week 2, which is going to be frugal food week (check back tomorrow for more details!) LETS DO THIS

Charlotte Lucy