Friday, 17 March 2017

Oversized Denim

I am a little bit rusty when it comes to outfit posts but it is something I am passionate about getting back into! I really do love fashion, but I don't think that you need to spend lots of money achieving the look you want. You know already that I spend half my life working and the other half either charity shopping or eating and as Discovering Charlotte already has the eating half covered, here I need to show more of the fashion.

Now, I am not 100% happy with this outfit. I wanted a plain long sleeved striped top to wear underneath but thought this "My goodness, my guiness" one would have to do. I have wanted an oversized denim dress ever since Nerd About Town posted one, I am pretty much in love with her style. It has taken me a while to find one as I was really hung up on it being flattering. I really hate that word you know and once this post is live I will be striking it out of my vocabulary! I am a large and proud girl, I don't need to flatter my body.

Anyway I picked this up from The British Heart Foundation last week for £4.49. Its originally from Dorothy Perkins. I love the little denim details on the buttons. I wish that the neckline was a little higher but I love it all the same. Its comfortable and I felt very me in it! I am also in love with my slouchy boots which were a bargain at £3 from my favourite Cancer Research shop in Leicester.

Hopefully I am going to make this a more regular series!

Friday, 3 March 2017

February Buyers Archive

Well February was a topsy turvey month. I met with friends and had a bit of a spending spree right at the beginning, then I installed a spending ban and as of two days ago I revoked it. What can I say I can't make up my mind. Despite that I have made it my mission to declutter, remove all of my thin clothes from my life and fill my wardrobe with pieces that I absolutely love (all from my favourite Charity Shops of course) So what did I buy in the last month? Well ...

 Denim look dress, Size 14, Originally Dorothy Perkins, Age UK £3.99

This dress was bought the day after I had written my last buyers archive post! I popped into town and couldn't resist it. I know the picture isn't brilliant but I had been looking for an over sized denim dress and granted its not over sized but I love it anyway with the butterfly print!

Pink and black spot cardigan, size 18, Originally TU,  Age Uk £1.99

I realised when it got cold that I am still a warm person but I feel I cant walk around in a tshirt so I have been looking for some thinner layers to wear under my coat when I have been going places that I will be indoors for a while. I fell in love with this pattern as soon as I spotted it. Its a little big on me but I actually love the over sized look. 

White Tunic top, Size 16, Originally Indigo at M+S, £4 Age UK

This is a little bit more than I usually pay for a top (and yes I am aware of how cheap that makes me sound) but I fell in love with the cut out detail on the bottom of this top which you can just about make out in the picture! I think it will be perfect on holiday with some denim shorts (which I have yet to find the perfect pair) and some sandals (to which I already own my trusty oldies!)

Velvet off the shoulder dress, was £35 reduced to £10.50, Debenhams

It's not very often that I buy something new but a velvet dress is something I have been after for absolutely ages. I cut through debenhams most days to get to my bus stop (dangerous, I know) and I picked up this on one of those days along with a denim dress that I ended up returning!

Blue dress, Size 18, Originally Dorothy Perkins, Age Uk £6

Now this is where a little session started. The rest of the items purchased were all in one day, between two shops (I know I am shocked at what I managed to achieve in a matter of two shops) This dress again was a little more than I usually pay for charity shop but it was brand new with tags and so I went for it. I love wearing colour and this bold blue was right up my street. 

Stripe dress, Size M, Originally Joules, £2 Cancer Research

I broke my own rules and took a few gambles and they all paid off. I didn't try on anything in this shop despite saying that I always would from now on and I didn't even know that this dress was from Joules when I bought it. £2 well spent and it fits perfectly. 

Aloha Beaches Top, Size L, Originally H&M, Cancer Research Uk £1

Do you remember the mom jeans I bought in my last buyers archive? Well I thought this top would go prefect with them. I do  look a little like a 90s kids show vomited all over me but I kind of like it!

Black cold shoulder jumper, Size 18, Originally Select, Cancer Research Uk £2

If you follow Louise (Pauper To Princess) one of her thrift tips is to always feel the material and it is a tip I strongly agree with. This jumper is the softest thing I have ever felt! I definitely thought it was a lot more expensive than select. It has the cold shoulder detail which Ill admit isn't my favourite, but I will live and a massive roll neck!Its very snug fitting but cosy cosy cosy.

Grey soft thin jumper dress, Size 16, Originally Marks and Spencer, Cancer Research UK £3

 You can't beat a bit of M&S quality can you? I bought this primarily to throw on over my leggings and sports bra when I go to yoga until I warm up. Its soft enough for me to move in and will keep me warm.

Checked shirt, Size 20, Originally Primark, Cancer Research UK £2

I LOVE this thrown on over leggings its such an easy outfit. Lets forget the fact I ripped a hole in the sleeve the second time I wore it which I still need to fix! 

Floaty multicoloured skirt, No Size or Brand, £2 Cancer Research UK

This skirt is absolutely ginormous (the waistband id folded in half to take this picture) BUT it has a drawstring so that you can pull in the waist. The fabric is so light and flowy I cant wait to wear this on holiday with my bikini!

Checked skirt, Size M/L, Originally Just Elegance, Cancer Research UK £2

Last but certainly not least is another long skirt that I cant wait to wear all summer long with a vest top and sandals (or bare foot along the beach ...)

So there you have it everything I bought this month!

This Months Spend: £40.48
Total Year Spend: £113.23
Monthly Average: £56.62

What have you been buying this month and what is your favourite piece here?? I would love to know

Charlotte Lucy 


Thursday, 2 March 2017

Why I Have Abandoned My Spending Ban 14 Days In.

It took me 14 days of being on a spending ban (and breaking it by buying the marie kondo spark joy book) to realise that right now in my life it is not for me. As with my past issues with eating, I am an all or nothing kind of person and I realised that this spending ban was pushing me into an almost binge and starve cycle. Everyday I was so concerned about what I was allowed to spend that day, I began trying to cut down on essentials in attempts to feel virtuous by having a no spend day. I was getting quite close to the point where I inevitably would push myself into a crazy spending spree and I was determined not to let that happen.

I watched the minimalists documentary on Netflix last week and its really put some things into perspective for me. I think a lot of the YouTube videos I had watched regarding minimalism had put me off because they seemed to involve living in very white houses with very little possessions, however the documentary points out its more about surrounding yourself with things you really cherish rather than having things because society tells you that you need them. For example, I have a collection of magnets on my fridge that Tom and I have collected from all of our holidays together. I love seeing them each morning when I am making my breakfast and thinking about all the adventures we have been on and those we have left to take! I thought that by trying to be more minimalist I would have to get rid of these.

Anyway, my plan moving forward is to be more mindful of my spending. So I am still sticking with my plan not to buy any toiletries until my current ones run out (This has been an ongoing project and you can see my latest Empties posts here and here)

Charlotte Lucy

Monday, 27 February 2017

The Anti Haul

I have seen these floating around the Internet, mainly on youtube, and thought what a good idea! The general gist behind them is to look at the current haul culture and, whether for ethical reasons or whatever, talk about what hyped products they won't be buying! On youtube it is mainly makeup videos, I have been watching Kimberly Clark talking about which hyped makeup products she won't be buying. However, The Anna Edit, did a fashion version and I thought yes this is what I need to do!

If you haven't already seen I am embarking on a 75 day spending ban and one of the worries is that at the end of it I will go crazy and buy so much stuff, and that really defeats the point of what I am trying to do. So I had a look around the Internet at the things that everyone seems to say you need in your wardrobe and these are the things I definitely DON'T need in my life.

Blazers. I have tried this in the past and in fact I have a really nice smart one in my wardrobe but it just has to go. I have broad shoulders anyway and whenever I put it on I always feel like I am dressing up like an 80s business woman and thats just not a look that makes me feel good.

Body Shapers. I bloody hate this things! They are uncomfortable and always pinch my fat and just displace it into the weirdest of places. Lets get this clear, no amount of spanx is going to disguise this lovely fat body of mine, its always here. So why do I put myself through the pain on squeezing into tummy holding in pants? Let it out and proud.

Chokers. I really dont like this look. Its just one of those things that I dont ever want to wear. I dont care if all the cool girls wear chokers, I am happy being uncool.

Jeans. It always suprises people when I say I don't wear jeans. Ok I recently bought a pair of really elasticated vintage mom jeans, but they don't count! Jeans to me and my IBS are so bloody uncomfortable I would much rather wear leggings or actually I am happier in floaty dresses and skirts.

White Shirt. It kind of goes with not really wearing jeans but also I am the messiest eater ever. I will happily tuck into a massive bowl of tomato pasta or a chocolate fudge cake but 9 times out of 10 at least one mouthful ends up down my front!

Charlotte Lucy