Saturday, 30 July 2016

FASHION: Florals In Summer ... Groundbreaking.

Dress: LOROS (originally papaya) £5

This year I seem to have a bit of a thing for maxi dresses. Strangely I used to wear them just to cover up my body, but that wasn't my motivation behind these. I love the ease of them. I love the pattern on this dress and I love that I can just throw it on and then be done with it, dress, shoes out of the door in 5 minutes ...

Unfortunately I havent found I have been able to wear my collection in the UK yet this year, I only tend to wear them with sandals and with the unpredicatble weather I just havent found a day to wear it!

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Saturday, 23 July 2016

FASHION: The Dress That Makes Me Feel Like Tinkerbell ...

Dress: Scope (£3.95)

Necklace: New Look (old)

I bought this dress when it was raining in the UK. Big, heaving raindrops and all I could think was please let my holiday hurry up. Now, by the time you read this post I will have been home over a month ... how time flies right?

The dress is one of those one size fits all shenanigans which I would usually steer clear of, but I was drawn in by the colour. I have spent too long wearing black and hiding my body and so one of my focuses is to wear more colour. When I put this dress on I knew I had to buy it!

When I wear it I feel like tinkerbell. I just want to float everywhere. There is so much material in the skirt, as demonstrated above I can spin in it without showing off my knickers ... always a bonus!!

I paired it with this necklace I have had for years from new look and I just thought that overall it was such an easy, yet elegant outfit!

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Saturday, 16 July 2016


Dress: LOROS (£4)

Shoes: Juju Jelly From Cancer Research (£2)

Anklet: Accessorize

I am generally not one for going barefoot and frolicking in the sand. Confession, I hate the sea. I'm not sure when it started, as when I was younger I would happily have been running about in it, swimming. Even when I went on a girls holiday at 20 I jumped off a boat for a swim in it, but alas, my anxiety has taken over and my fear of jelly fish, sea urchins etc stops me going in!

That said, I really enjoyed getting my feet sandy and having a stroll along the beach (and yes getting my toes in the sea)

I picked this dress up without trying it on (and thus breaking my golden rules of Charity Shopping) and actually was a little disappointed when trying it on. I thought it was a maxi dress but actually it is more of a midi, and I wasn't sure if it made me look short. In the end though I decided that I loved the pattern on it anyway so sod it I was going to wear it!

The Juju jelly shoes were a real find. I was sat in wetherspoons thinking about how I wish I had some jelly shoes for holiday, and then as I walked past the cancer research shop there they were in the window. I couldn't believe my luck!

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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

FASHION: The Floral Bomber Jacket

Jacket | LOROS originally next £4

Dress | Very Sale old

Boots | New Look sale old

So, if you know me at all you will know that I don't follow trends. I tend to stick to what I know looks good on me. I like dresses, because one of the things I have always liked is my legs. I have hidden in black for a long time and this dress that I bought a few years ago in the Very sale is one of my comforts. When I don't feel like I am confident, I wear it. It can be dressed up or down and is stretchy and feels so comfortable.

Now, what you came here for ... the jacket. Bought on a particularly rainy day in England I just couldn't resist the bright colours and the tropical feel. It is made of a really light fabric, so is more of a cover up that to provide much warmth. I hope it inspires me to get a bit more colour in my life in the UK. On holiday I seem to be dressed in colour 24/7

These photos were taken with the help of my blogger friends Hollie (who even edited them for me cause she is a total star) and Amy. We are actually trying to organise more meet ups to bring together bloggers and amateur photographers to help each other out! So if you are local or would travel to Leicestershire feel free to get in touch to find out how you could get involved!

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Saturday, 9 July 2016

FASHION: Vintage Gingham Sundress

Dress | Vintage Shop Dublin

Hat | New Look

Bag | Accessorize sale

My husband jokes that wherever we go I can always find a charity shop (we once went to Germany and I found an Oxfam!) and when we were in Dublin back in February I stumbled across a vintage shop. We had just got off the bus to visit the Jameson distillery when out of the corner of my eye I saw a warehouse with a sign that read "Vintage, 15 euros per kilo" and that was it, in I ran!

I didn't have much time and quickly picked up two dresses and a sequin blazer which came to 22 Euros. I loved this dress so much I new it was definitely coming on holiday with me!! When we decided to go to a Festa evening in Malta I thought it was the perfect time to wear it. The dress is fitted at the top with this lovely tie up detail at the back.

I paired it with my favourite soda pop bag (I am in love with accessorize bags, but only buy them in the sale!) and my straw hat which was a god send for keeping the sun out of my face all holiday!

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I have added this outfit to the Link Up below ... the first time I have ever done this!

Not Dressed As Lamb

Wednesday, 6 July 2016


I wanted to start this blog properly with a post about me, my body and why I think the body positive movement is so important. The pictures above, well this is me. I chose this dress as it shows off everything. This is me and this is my body. I generally wear clothes that hide my stomach and I have never worn this dress out in public.

But this is my body, and I am determined to love it. From top to bottom I can pick out flaws easily, its much harder to tell you what I like about me, but I need to start to love it.

As you can see my stomach sticks out, I cant tell you how many times I have been asked when I am due.

I am not putting my life on hold while I wait for the ideal body, and that is something I have done in the past. My aim for this blog is to hopefully show that you can be a fashion blogger at any size. I mean that too, any size. None of this real women have curves rubbish, a real woman can look however she wants and be however she wants to be.

I know that I am going to have negative times, but hopefully the positive will outweigh these but I will be sharing this every step of the way, and hopefully in time I will fully love this body, flaws and all!

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Saturday, 2 July 2016

GIVEAWAY: Win a box of thrifted goodies.

So its here! The official launch of Shoestring Chic along with the promised giveaway. Over the last few months when I have been charity shopping I have specifically been looking out for things for you guys. Some of the things I have found I haven't wanted to part with but I will anyway I promise - I can't enter my own competition can I?

So what will you win you ask?

  1. A very instagrammable mug. Wait until you see the inside ...
  2. A paris print scarf
  3. A shower gel with a very blogger esqe quote on the front
  4. A wizard of oz tin
  5. The thrift book by India Knight
Fun fact: I always knew I wanted to include that book but I was going to purchase it from amazon, when I saw it in the BHF shop I knew it was fate!

All of these prizes were bought with my own money from charity shops and one of you will be winning all of them by entering below! I would love for you to retweet the tweets I will be sharing about this giveaway (over on discoveringcl) and thankyou in advance for your support

The competition will run for two weeks when a winner will be chosen. If the chosen winner has not followed the mandatory entries a second will be chosen. I will be in touch with the winner within 48 hours of the competition ending.

Can I make it clear that you must comment on the blog post AND follow my Instagram to be entered into the competition. If you haven't done these two things your entry will not be valid.

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