Saturday, 16 July 2016


Dress: LOROS (£4)

Shoes: Juju Jelly From Cancer Research (£2)

Anklet: Accessorize

I am generally not one for going barefoot and frolicking in the sand. Confession, I hate the sea. I'm not sure when it started, as when I was younger I would happily have been running about in it, swimming. Even when I went on a girls holiday at 20 I jumped off a boat for a swim in it, but alas, my anxiety has taken over and my fear of jelly fish, sea urchins etc stops me going in!

That said, I really enjoyed getting my feet sandy and having a stroll along the beach (and yes getting my toes in the sea)

I picked this dress up without trying it on (and thus breaking my golden rules of Charity Shopping) and actually was a little disappointed when trying it on. I thought it was a maxi dress but actually it is more of a midi, and I wasn't sure if it made me look short. In the end though I decided that I loved the pattern on it anyway so sod it I was going to wear it!

The Juju jelly shoes were a real find. I was sat in wetherspoons thinking about how I wish I had some jelly shoes for holiday, and then as I walked past the cancer research shop there they were in the window. I couldn't believe my luck!

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  1. Going into the actual sea is a lot less romantic than it seems, isn't it! I like the sundress, it is really pretty and cool looking!

    1. YES! I actually hate going in the sea so much haha