Saturday, 2 July 2016

GIVEAWAY: Win a box of thrifted goodies.

So its here! The official launch of Shoestring Chic along with the promised giveaway. Over the last few months when I have been charity shopping I have specifically been looking out for things for you guys. Some of the things I have found I haven't wanted to part with but I will anyway I promise - I can't enter my own competition can I?

So what will you win you ask?

  1. A very instagrammable mug. Wait until you see the inside ...
  2. A paris print scarf
  3. A shower gel with a very blogger esqe quote on the front
  4. A wizard of oz tin
  5. The thrift book by India Knight
Fun fact: I always knew I wanted to include that book but I was going to purchase it from amazon, when I saw it in the BHF shop I knew it was fate!

All of these prizes were bought with my own money from charity shops and one of you will be winning all of them by entering below! I would love for you to retweet the tweets I will be sharing about this giveaway (over on discoveringcl) and thankyou in advance for your support

The competition will run for two weeks when a winner will be chosen. If the chosen winner has not followed the mandatory entries a second will be chosen. I will be in touch with the winner within 48 hours of the competition ending.

Can I make it clear that you must comment on the blog post AND follow my Instagram to be entered into the competition. If you haven't done these two things your entry will not be valid.

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  1. Really positive, I can't imagine not having access to the shops and love the rush of finding a bargain :)

  2. Hey Charlotte,
    I love this, charity shops are one of my favourite places to go - especially with a little one - so I think this is a great idea and much needed!
    Lucy x

  3. I have personally never tried it very much! However, I do think I should try it as I see people find such great things! so it is definitely positive :)

  4. Positive! Love a charity shop.

    Looking forward to this blog Charley!

  5. I love it. I have found many treasures there

  6. A thrifty giveaway, such a lovely idea! Good luck with your new blog x :)

  7. Love it! Half of my wardrobe is from charity shops!

  8. I love it, it's so much fun!

    Chloe | Mojichlo xxx

  9. I love charity shop shopping :)

  10. Love the stuff!
    I have entered woop! Good luck everyone!

  11. I am a regular thrifter it is my favorite thing to do, most of my wardrobe is from thrift shops. Thanks for the give away.

  12. As a large lady I never really see anything I like in my size in Charity Shops. However I will raid the whole shop for anything and everything else! I have furniture, kids toys, and so many other bits and bobs from Charity Shops.
    Like with shopping in general I think you have to have a good look around and you will soon gage a preference as to which ones are best/ you like more.
    All the best on this blog by the way :)

  13. I always enjoy a good nose in a charity shop!