Wednesday, 3 August 2016

BODY POSITIVE: Feeling Uncomfortable a.k.a being fat in a heatwave.

I thought today I would talk to you guys about being fat in this hot weather. As I have mentioned before I am currently at my biggest I have been, and actually trying my hardest to love my body as it is. However this weather we have had recently seems to have totally floored me. I have been incredibly uncomfortable and my mind went straight to the - You wouldnt be this uncomfortable if you were thin - monologue. However, I am determined not to slip back into being negative about my body. I am going to hopefully write another post next week about where my mind is going in regards to being body positive and weight loss and issues around that but for now I want to talk about things that have helped me through this heat wave!!

Problem One: The Chub Rub

Oh god this has been the most horrendous thing I have ever experienced. When I went out in my maxi dress last weekend I thought I had the perfect outfit. Flowy and cool (oh and £5.49 from the BHF shop last year) I thought I am going to be comfortable all day. Oh how wrong I could have been. After only about 30 minutes walking around in the heat, getting the tube and subsequently getting sweaty thighs I had the most angry rash on my inner thighs, more commonly known as chub rub. If you have never experienced it, it basically feels like walking around with a piece of sandpaper between your thighs.

Solutions: first line of defence for me was talc. I bought johnsons baby one but really any will do. Get yourself into any toilet or non crowded place and cover yourself in it. It soaks up the sweat and lets your thighs glide with ease. Secondly I bought some leggings. £3 cropped leggings from primark (you can see them peeking out in the picture above) which just stopped my thighs rubbing together and meant that I could then put sudocream on my rash and not make it worse

Problem Two: Excessive Sweating

It seems that in our soceity people are not supposed to sweat - unless youre in the gym and then it is seen as some kind of badge of honour and the sweatier the better right? Yet there seems to be a huge rise on the internet of shaming the sweaty person. You know the gross sweaty person that gets there picture shared all over the internet? Well thats me. As soon as I get a little bit hot I sweat from every available place.

Solution: Light clothes, cold baths and showers and just trying not to care. I used to wear black clothes to try and hide it. Now I just think, you know what, Im a sweaty person. Even at my thinnest I was. So I try and wear the floatiest dresses, drink ice cold drinks at any opportunity. Keep my thick hair tied up in a bun (even if it makes me look like an onion) and remember that life isnt just about how I look. So even when I look like a sweaty onion I am going to be enjoying myself.

Problem Three: Sleep

Oh god thrying to sleep in a heat wave is a nightmare. I sleep naked anyway (theres an image for you!) but I have to snuggle down under something. Also, waking up in a hot sweaty mess is so attractive.

Solution: Cold bath before bed. Some people are not into this, and it takes my breath away at first but I have loved getting into a cold bath. We also have a fan in the bedroom, and I have taken my duvet out of the cover and I just snuggle down under that!

So there you go, thats how I have been coping in the heat wave! Do you guys have anything different you do to stay cool?

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  1. Oh the dreaded chub rub! My thighs have always rubbed- even when I was a size 8! It's horrendous! I can't imagine taking a cold bath before bed! I just tend to whinge about the heat, it makes me feel better! X

    1. Isnt it the worst? My thighs were so angry and red! I try not to moans but yeah it does make you feel better

  2. Chub rub was one of my remaining body shames, years after I learnt to love my fat. It was only when I went away with a size 8 friend and realised she also got it that I realised it's just a normal thing. So with that in mind, the best chub rub defences:
    - cycling shorts (I got mine in the Netherlands but H&M usually have some as well) as I hate how leggings look under a skirt
    - Taking Shape, Evans and (randomly) TK Maxx usually do some form of shorts specifically designed to prevent chub rub. Mine are Marilyn Monroe brand from TK Maxx last summer and they're ace - nicer fitting than cycling shorts around the waist, and light material.
    - Bandalettes from Etsy, which are basically bands you wear around the bits of your thighs that rub. Some people swear by them but I don't find them comfortable. I think it's all personal taste though.
    - Talcum powder. On a day I've forgotten to bring any of the above, talc or baby powder rubbed onto both thighs provides comfort, although wouldn't hold out to long walks.
    - Anti-chafing gel products - I have a Lanacane (I think) branded gel from Boots and there's also one called Body Glide but it's £££. Basically you apply the gel to your thighs and it stops the chafing.
    Phew, maybe I should write a post about this, I seem to know a lot!

    1. You do kniw a lot! Yeah I have been looking for cycling shorts and had no luck at all!! But I may try the bandlettes and the gel!