Wednesday, 10 August 2016


The Buyers Archive was started by Elise over on her blog and is a monthly kind of audit of all the things you have bought that month. I was meant to be on a 100 day spending ban but life got in the way and I bought all the things this month. It was my birthday month though, and actually I didnt buy as much as I could have done! Anyway, this is the first time including this on my new fashion blog and every month I will be documenting what I have added to my wardrobe and how much I have spent!

So last month I decided I needed more summery dresses. I managed to buy 6 dresses and only one I could really count as summery ... Im not sure whether I failed my mission or succeeded haha. The first dress spotted my eye as soon as I walked into the Extra Care charity shop. It reminded me of the newspaper dress Carrie wears in SATC and I just had to have it. Its made of really stretchy material, so it stretches over the belly! When I got to the till the lady told me all the womanswear was buy one get one free so I picked up the dotty one too. It has a lacey back too and will be lovely when I want to dress up a little. So those two came in at £4.99. Dress 3 is a next dress that saved my sweaty ass in London! Stretchy elastic and the top with tie sleeves, its made of loose cotton, thin enough to be cool but thick enough not to show off your undies and was £3 from the Age UK shop

The next two dresses came in a bundle on ebay. I am not certain about the one on the left but I loved the second one. Its definately not a summer piece as it has long sleeves, but I think will be perfect once we start transitioning into autumn and maybe on into winter. I paid £5.70 for the two including postage. The last one I bought while we were in London from Stradivarius (shock horror its not second hand!) Its like a shirt dress with a big thinck jumper underneath. Its slightly small for me so we will have to see what its like when winter rolls around. I paid £5.99 for it.

I added three bags to my collection this month! The one on the left was a birthday present from my parents. Its from Zara and I think still available :) The other two were ebay purchases! I have mentioned before I have a bit of an obsession with the novelty bags they sell at accessorize  but as a genral rule only by them on sale or second hand. The owl bag is one I had bid on and lost a few times on ebay but this month it became mine for £3.99 including postage. The sequin clutch reminded me very much of 90s Geri Haliwell and gave me all the spice girls feels and so I had to snap it up for £4.79 including postage!

My parents kindly also bought me the shoes that match the Zara bag for my birthday and so they are going into my collection! The shoes on the right I bought from Cath Kidston for £19 in the sale. I was originally looking for some vintage converse but having no luck I found these and was more than happy with my purchase! The pair in the middle have an interesting story. On my birthday I went out with my blogger pals for an afternoon tea, and Kirstie's shoes were rubbing her. So we went on a mission to buy her a new pair of shoes. I spotted these Joe Browns sequin ballet shoes in the LOROS shop for £3. Luckily my shoes have worked out better than me for Kirstie whos flip flops broke by the time we had walked up the high street!

So my total spend for July was: £50.46

Thats not bad at all really for the amount I have bought. As I write this I have already purchased a few items for next months archive and I predict ill be spending around the same, maybe less

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