Saturday, 20 August 2016

FASHION: I Dont Know About You But Im Feeling ... 10

Tshirt - EWM via Life Charity shop £1
Dungarees - New Look via BHF £4.49
Coat - moto via LOROS £4.50

I was going to edit the grafitti out of these pictures but I thought I would keep them in as a cultural reference within my village. Its a reference to the fact that some dude called Ben sells drugs. No idea where though.

Anyway the outfit. I havent wanted to try a pair of dungarees ever since I saw someone say on social media that fat girls shouldnt wear dungarees. Im a rebel like that you know. I had struggled for ages to find a pair that fit me right and I was almost giving up when I saw this pair in the BHF shop in Leicester (who I am very reliabley informed are having a sale at the moment by my sources on the inside) I snapped it up. It was post night shift and I will admit, I broke my own rule by buying it without trying it on. LUCKILY though when I got home and tried them on the fit like a dream. I feel I have strange proportions with big belly and bum but small legs and boobs so to find this that fit was amazing.

The tshirt was a right bargain a just £1. I am really starting to try and find some basic pieces with a little something that makes them special and the little heart on this was just too beautiful to resist.

I totally wasnt sure about the outfit at first (I wore it to the East Midlands Blogger Meet) as I felt about 10 but actually it was really comfortable and it pushed me out of my comfort zone and thats always a good thing

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  1. I love the outfit! And the dungarees were also the first thing I spotted when I got to Bru :) x

    Sarah |

    1. Im glad that so many people were like oh your charlotte I spotted the dungarees! It made me smile haha