Monday, 26 September 2016

FASHION: F+F Autumn Collection

As you will know by now I dont spend a lot of money on clothes. There are a few brands I will happily splurge on as a treat (post coming soon!) but generally I wont spend my pennies. I dont earn a lot of money and we are saving for a house. One thing I love is having a bit of a supermarket sweep from time to time!

Recently (pre payday) we were in tesco and I fell in love with their new collection and today I wanted to shatre my top picks with you. All of the images are from and the thinks to individual items are at the bottom!

So the first thing that caught my eye was this duffle coat. Really torn between this and the black, because as much as I love this colour I am the kind of person that always spills my baileys hot chocolate down my coat at the christmas market! Its such a classic style and feels lovely and warm. Probably not appropriate while the sun is still out though (please go away and get cold soon!!)

The second thing is this scarlett red pussybow dress. At this moment in time I have no invites to christmas parties (so you know if you are holding one get in touch so I can buy this dress!!) The last time I owed a red dress I sent it back. I had bought it for my works christmas party, and having lost over 2 stone, I still wasn't confident enough to wear it! Buying and subsequently wearing this dress would be such a boost to me ... I have always wanted to be that lady in red!

The bomber jacket ... well they are everywhere aren't they! I have been really begrudged to buy one because you know I don't follow fashion. HOWEVER, this one is so gorgeous I keep looking at it everytime I see it and I am pretty sure you will be seeing it in a buyers archive post very soon (yes they are coming back soon I promise!)

Last but not least is the humble coatigan. Its not quite coat weather and not warm enough to go out without a jacket, well you need a coatigan. Soft with a detachable faux fur collar this would keep you warm in the transitional phase, besides who can say no to a chunky knit?

I hope you like my picks, what are your favourites?

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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Body Positive: Why Clothes Sizes Are Bullshit.

I went charity shopping today and something made me smile ... clothes sizes. I have said it before, and I will say it again but clothes sizes are complete and utter bullshit. Most brands have a fit model for each size, but like take me, I have thin legs but a big belly. This means that jeans for me are generally a no go. If I was a fit model, then all the heans would have quite small fitted legs but am massive waistband.

Today I tried on a number of items including but not limited to:

  • A size 14 trench coat that was miles too long and made me look like a flasher.
  • A size 16 river island dress that was so cute but barely covered my crotch
  • A size XL great planes dress that was tight on my boobs (yes my age 12 boy chest)
  • A size 12 H&M dress that fits perfectly
  • A size 16 H&M dress that fits perfectly
Before I started shopping mostly in charity shops I spent a lot of time crying in changing rooms. I remember age 13 buying a dress from MK ONE. It was a short lilac dress with an embroderied butterly on the front and then there was like a mesh floor length train over the top. I remember vivdly having to get it in an age 16 and being distraught. Before that time I would have left it the shop but I loved it so much. I remember my mom cutting out all the labels for me before I would wear it.

I remember how good I felt when after a summer of barely eating because my no good boyfriend had dumped me my size 8 shorts were hanging off me. My dress size at the time meant more to me than anything, and I was living off smoked salmon and pineapple because I was too down to eat.

When i was a slimming world devotee one of my ultimate goals was to be a asize 8/10. It wouldnt matter what weight i was, I just had it in my head that is what I wanted to be. I went on a holiday with Tom (after being in hospital several times, losing 2 and a half stone ... but not making that elusive size 10) I had bought all these bikinis that I was so excited to wear so it put a little dampner on it knowing I hadnt made that size. Luckily, I snapped out of it pretty quick and had a fantastic holiday, but it just bugs me that I put so much emphasis on a dress size!

So that said, I am not looking at dress sizes anymore. I am not getting held up on it. I really have been struggling recently with this as you will see from the lack of outfit pics. Being unwell hasn't helped either, between my IBS and Anxiety just getting out the house has been enough without worrying about wanting to take outfit shots! Anyway I hope to be back in full swing soon (and Frocktober is coming up ... 31 posts)

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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

FASHION: September Lust List

Sometimes trying to be a blogger can leave you feeling lost. I read a lot of blogs and get swept away by the stunning photography and think my blog cant compete and so I get a little shy. I then have to think back to my favourite quote I have heard before "Dont compare your chapter one to someone elses chapter ten" and that is exactly what I have been doing. I want people to read this blog and enjoy it because of what I write, the charity shop bargains I have, the money I save and the joy I get out of putting it all together and so I am back today with a new monthly thing. The Lust List

I know I said before not to have a set list of what you are looking for when you charity shop, but with my wardrobe / floordrobe bursting at the seams I need to step back and really look at what I need to be adding to it. It is for this reason that for at least the next month I am putting myself on a dress buying ban. I have counted up the dresses I own and the number is not pretty (even though all of the dresses are) and so until I have cut these down to a reasonable number and taken some to my frock swap event no more dresses shall enter!! (I mean the excpetion being if I find a lindy bop or cath kidston dress in my size as I have never found one, or a henry holland because I have a collection of these ... oh god I am talking myself into dresses already!!)

1. A Trench Coat

I already have two of these in my spare room that are both a little too small at the moment, however I won't be getting rid of them as I am currently trying to lose weight which i wrote about here I feel like in this transitional part I need a lightweight coat that not only can I throw on, but also it isnt too heavy if we get a sudden heat wave and I have to carry it around with me!

2. A soft grey jumper

Earlier in the year I managed to pick up Tom a pure cashmere light grey jumper, and I am so jealous of it. It was only £2.99. I would just steal his but its just far too big to even look like that cute oversized look.

3. A tulle skirt

I am realistic that as these are really on trend right now I may not be successful with this one but you never know right? Maybe praying to the charity shop gods I will work in to a shop and see my perfect dusky pink skirt in my size hanging on the half price rail. A girl can dream right?

4.Some nice black tops

I have a lot of printed trousers and skirts in my wardrobe and I need to get some super comfy and quite plain black tops to go with them. I used to have a really nice cold shoulder tops that would have looked amazing but I have no idea where they have gone!

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