Monday, 26 September 2016

FASHION: F+F Autumn Collection

As you will know by now I dont spend a lot of money on clothes. There are a few brands I will happily splurge on as a treat (post coming soon!) but generally I wont spend my pennies. I dont earn a lot of money and we are saving for a house. One thing I love is having a bit of a supermarket sweep from time to time!

Recently (pre payday) we were in tesco and I fell in love with their new collection and today I wanted to shatre my top picks with you. All of the images are from and the thinks to individual items are at the bottom!

So the first thing that caught my eye was this duffle coat. Really torn between this and the black, because as much as I love this colour I am the kind of person that always spills my baileys hot chocolate down my coat at the christmas market! Its such a classic style and feels lovely and warm. Probably not appropriate while the sun is still out though (please go away and get cold soon!!)

The second thing is this scarlett red pussybow dress. At this moment in time I have no invites to christmas parties (so you know if you are holding one get in touch so I can buy this dress!!) The last time I owed a red dress I sent it back. I had bought it for my works christmas party, and having lost over 2 stone, I still wasn't confident enough to wear it! Buying and subsequently wearing this dress would be such a boost to me ... I have always wanted to be that lady in red!

The bomber jacket ... well they are everywhere aren't they! I have been really begrudged to buy one because you know I don't follow fashion. HOWEVER, this one is so gorgeous I keep looking at it everytime I see it and I am pretty sure you will be seeing it in a buyers archive post very soon (yes they are coming back soon I promise!)

Last but not least is the humble coatigan. Its not quite coat weather and not warm enough to go out without a jacket, well you need a coatigan. Soft with a detachable faux fur collar this would keep you warm in the transitional phase, besides who can say no to a chunky knit?

I hope you like my picks, what are your favourites?

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  1. That's red dress is gorgeous and I'm sure it would look amazing on you! Love the coat as well X