Wednesday, 14 September 2016

FASHION: September Lust List

Sometimes trying to be a blogger can leave you feeling lost. I read a lot of blogs and get swept away by the stunning photography and think my blog cant compete and so I get a little shy. I then have to think back to my favourite quote I have heard before "Dont compare your chapter one to someone elses chapter ten" and that is exactly what I have been doing. I want people to read this blog and enjoy it because of what I write, the charity shop bargains I have, the money I save and the joy I get out of putting it all together and so I am back today with a new monthly thing. The Lust List

I know I said before not to have a set list of what you are looking for when you charity shop, but with my wardrobe / floordrobe bursting at the seams I need to step back and really look at what I need to be adding to it. It is for this reason that for at least the next month I am putting myself on a dress buying ban. I have counted up the dresses I own and the number is not pretty (even though all of the dresses are) and so until I have cut these down to a reasonable number and taken some to my frock swap event no more dresses shall enter!! (I mean the excpetion being if I find a lindy bop or cath kidston dress in my size as I have never found one, or a henry holland because I have a collection of these ... oh god I am talking myself into dresses already!!)

1. A Trench Coat

I already have two of these in my spare room that are both a little too small at the moment, however I won't be getting rid of them as I am currently trying to lose weight which i wrote about here I feel like in this transitional part I need a lightweight coat that not only can I throw on, but also it isnt too heavy if we get a sudden heat wave and I have to carry it around with me!

2. A soft grey jumper

Earlier in the year I managed to pick up Tom a pure cashmere light grey jumper, and I am so jealous of it. It was only £2.99. I would just steal his but its just far too big to even look like that cute oversized look.

3. A tulle skirt

I am realistic that as these are really on trend right now I may not be successful with this one but you never know right? Maybe praying to the charity shop gods I will work in to a shop and see my perfect dusky pink skirt in my size hanging on the half price rail. A girl can dream right?

4.Some nice black tops

I have a lot of printed trousers and skirts in my wardrobe and I need to get some super comfy and quite plain black tops to go with them. I used to have a really nice cold shoulder tops that would have looked amazing but I have no idea where they have gone!

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  1. I want a tulle skirt now too! <3

  2. I have TWO Tulle skirts, but they are not THE Tulle skirt. If you know what I mean. They are too long. damn it, I'm going to have to buy another one, aren't I?

    1. Im sure that will be me!! I have loads of printed trousers because I was sure i was going to wear them all summer and none of them are THE ones :(

  3. I have just bought a lovely jumper in Zara and I'm pretty sure they had it in grey. Its the softest thing ever and i think it was £25 ! If not Tesco usually do really nice Cashmere ones coming up to xmas for £40 !

    Alex ox.

    1. It's just hard when I paid less than a fiver for Toms haha