Sunday, 9 October 2016

FROCKTOBER: £1 Bargain Shops

Todays post is for all you bargain hunters out there! Frequently visited by myself is the Coalville shop, where all clothing is £1. I haven't been for a while as the bus from my village is only every hour and I have missed it too many times than I like to admit, however its one of my biggest successes for bargains.

During the summer I bought an ASOS dress, a New Look dress and a military style coat for yes you guessed it £1 each. 

There is also a LOROS outlet shop in glenfield. This one is located on station road where there warehouse is (perfect for dropping off your donations) and again all the clothing is priced at just £1. I need to go soon ... watch this space for a haul during frocktober!

During frocktober I am hoping to inspire people to get involved in LOROS events so please if you do use the twitter hashtag #bloggerdoesfrocktober and also if you would like to donate to the cause you can do here as I am trying to raise £1000 in 1000 days for LOROS

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