Sunday, 2 October 2016

FROCKTOBER: Hospice Care Week

If you live in Leicester, you will no doubt have heard about LOROS. Whether you have had personal experience with it or not I am sure you know about it. Before I had been there myself I had seen signs to it every time I got the bus up the Groby Road and yet I had no idea exactly where it was. The first time we went there we were suprised to find it nestled into a housing estate.

As this week is hopsice care week I wanted to share a few things with you about LOROS.

Firstly, when most people think of a hospice they think it is somewhere that people go to die. While this is a function of LOROS, they are so much more than that! They also provide short term care, home care, day therapy and so much more to those over 18 with a terminal illness (where a cure is no longer possible). Rob visited LOROS a few months before he died to be fitted with a syringe driver and spend a few days after a hospital admission. This was nice of us as it meant we got to visit the hospice before he went there to die. I used to think that LOROS was just for those with cancer but they provide the palliative care for a range of other terminal illness such as motor neurone disease and respiratory failure.

They have a 24 hour advice line which is available to both patients, their families and other health care providers to gain information regarding palliative care.

I said yesterday it costs £7.7 million a year to keep LOROS providing its free service to the over £2,500 patients it cares for each year, so I am trying to raise £1000 in 1000 days to help them towards this! I am encouraging everyone who reads these post to pledge just £1 (or more if you can) here and help LOROS keep doing there amazing work!

Other ways you can get involved this national hospice week:

  • Tomorrow there will be a live tweetathon over at @LOROSHospice from 9am to 9am tuesday! Go and tweet them your support!
  • On Wednesday Jonathon Lampon will be broadcasting live from the hospice between 10am and 1pm (Listen over on 104.9FM)
  • Thursday they will be celebrating Navrati at the hospice. From 7pm - 10pm there will be an evening of prayers, dancing and traditional dancing! This free night has a dress code of bright and vibrant and light refreshments will be available
  • Friday is LOROS Yellow day! The idea is that you wear yellow to school, work etc and donate £1 to LOROS. This is where I would like other bloggers to get involved!! On Friday there will be a Yellow themed outfit post up on here and if you could email me your yellow themed outfit and make your donation before WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON I want to include you and a link to your blog in the post :)
  • Saturday there is an open day at the hospice! Love Leicester, Love LOROS, will be held from 10 - 4 at the hospice celebrating what the hospice does. Treat yourself to crafts, local food and drink, pamper yourself with one of the complementary therapies they provide at LOROS. Plus I will be there so you can say hi to me!
There are so many ways to get involved this week and I would love you to get involved!! I am going to be encouraging you to share your photos of the events if you join in on the #bloggerdoesfrocktober over on twitter as I would love to see how many people are getting involved!!

During frocktober I am hoping to inspire people to get involved in LOROS events so please if you do use the twitter hashtag #bloggerdoesfrocktober and also if you would like to donate to the cause you can do here as I am trying to raise £1000 in 1000 days for LOROS

Would you like to be involved in LOROS Yellow day over on my blog? Whether you are a blogger or not send me a photo of you wearing yellow to and leave your donation above before wednesday! I will include your picture on the blog post and if your a blogger a link to your blog too!

I'll be back to tomorrow with another post!!

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