Thursday, 6 October 2016

FROCKTOBER: Spiral Scratch

I always think of Queens Road as the trendy part of Leicester. Its home to a lot of independent deli type shops and cafes and attracts a lot of students! In the shop that started life as By Design, it is now home to Spiral Scratch. Open Monday - Saturday 10-6 and Sundays 11 - 4 it specilises in selling records and also hosts a huge collection of CDs and DVDs

As you would expect from LOROS all the dvds are in very good condition and arranged into  genres. They even have a selection of foreign films! Funny story actually, not long ago I bought a few DVDs from here and left them on the bus!!

This is just one of the shelves and as you can see it is fit to burst!


They also have a listening booth at the back of the hop where you can try out the music before you buy! It really made me think of the days when as a young teen I would go to Virgin megastore at a weekend with my friend and we would listen to albums in the booths!

During frocktober I am hoping to inspire people to get involved in LOROS events so please if you do use the twitter hashtag #bloggerdoesfrocktober and also if you would like to donate to the cause you can do here as I am trying to raise £1000 in 1000 days for LOROS

Would you like to be involved in LOROS Yellow day over on my blog? Whether you are a blogger or not send me a photo of you wearing yellow to and leave your donation above before wednesday! I will include your picture on the blog post and if your a blogger a link to your blog too!
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  1. This shops looks amazing! I'll have to try and find it next time I'm around the area X

    1. Youll have to let me know when you are around and we can have a look :)