Tuesday, 18 October 2016

FROCKTOBER: You are invited to my Frock Swap event

So! Before I decided that I was going to blog throughout Frocktober I decided that I wanted to hold a Frock Swap. At the end of the month there is an event at the hospice which I will be attending.  After speaking to a lot of my friends I decided to hld my own swap! LOROS are also encouraging people to hold their own swaps. Having mine at home just wouldn't work as I live in a teeny little house in the middle of nowhere

So, I decided to hold mine in the Cookie, a lovely bar, kitchen and live music venue in in Leicester and you can find all the details here but thebasic premise is:

Please come along between 12-3 this SATURDAY (22nd October)

Bring some clothes that are in good condition but you no longer wear

Browse all the clothes that everyone else has brought along

Leave a donation for LOROS

Any clothes left over will be donated to LOROS

Enjoy your new clothes!!

I am really nervous about holding this event as I have never held an event and with my health not being 100% at the moment, but I am hoping that it will be a really chilled out morning and everyone will go away with a great new piece of clothing (or shoes!) and raise some money ultimately for such a great cause.

If you can't attend why not invite a few friends round and hold your own?

During frocktober I am hoping to inspire people to get involved in LOROS events so please if you do use the twitter hashtag #bloggerdoesfrocktober and also if you would like to donate to the cause you can do here as I am trying to raise £1000 in 1000 days for LOROS

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  1. Looking forward to getting rid of a bunch of stuff and hopefully finding some gems too! See you Saturday!
    Rebecca, Libfemblog.com xx

    1. I cant wait to see everyones things! Just need to realise that I cant take everything home haha

  2. Frocktober sounds amazing! I definitely have some dresses that I'm looking to find new homes for and I love second hand shopping, I wish I could attend something like this! :D

    P.S I wondered, do you like Too Faced? I am giving away the Grande Cafe Gingerbread palette on my blog - I wondered if you’d be interested! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara