Thursday, 13 October 2016

FROCKTOBER: The striped shirt

So this is another photo that was taken high on codeine and when it was raining! I am really sorry, that I was honestly going to have pictures taken all over Leeds, Grimsby and Mablethorpe - I had my fashion blogger poses all practiced! But then the surgery happened and I panicked! As Im writing this is it the 12th October and I am not quite on my feet properly yet and am halfway through frocktober! I bought a new outfit from LOROS today for Leicester fashion Week though so I am on the mend!

This shirt came from LOROS on the high street in Leicester. I cant rememeber the exact price but it was somewhere between £4 and £5. It is made from this lovely like stretchy cotton and is perfect to throw on when you want to be comfy but still make a bit of an effort. I originally bought it to wear as a dress but its a little too short to wear without leggings!

Its originally from New Look and a size 16

During frocktober I am hoping to inspire people to get involved in LOROS events so please if you do use the twitter hashtag #bloggerdoesfrocktober and also if you would like to donate to the cause you can do here as I am trying to raise £1000 in 1000 days for LOROS

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