Monday, 6 February 2017

Ways I am going to EMBRACE my body from now on.

As you may or may not know, on the 16th January I attended a very special premiere in London for the UK launch of Embrace. As someone who has been pretty halfheartedly dabbling in the world of body positivity for a little while now I thought the film would be good to watch ... and it exceeded all of my expectations. So much so that I am planning to bring my own screening to Loughborough in the near future so watch this space!

I remember seeing Taryn's beautiful body when she posted a before and after shot with a difference. The before being that of the super fit model she had worked hard to become, and the after, softer with curves. The image exploded and went viral almost immediately ... Ashton Kutcher himself shared it! Taryn felt however that even though she was getting a hell of a lot of media attention, all of the rather fuzzy little segments of "Internet sensation" really didn't get to the bottom of why women hate there bodies or to why even when she achieved her "perfect body" she wasn't happy. 

Embrace was born. Tackling the issues surrounding why women hate there body Taryn travelled the world and met with all sorts of amazingly brave and beautiful women. I honestly think every woman can take something away from this film! So, in homage to Taryn, here are the ways I am going to be embracing my own body from here forward ...

1. Throwing away my scales and rejecting diet culture.

This is probably the most liberating thing I have done so far. The moment I got home from London they went in the bin. Why? Because a number that represents my pull of gravity is not a measure of my health, nor does it define my self worth. We have been blind-sighted by the media to believe that thin always equals healthy and fat always equals not and this simply isn't the case. I want to learn to listen to my own body, it knows what it needs and whether that is more food, more sleep, fresh air, I am going to give it that. 

2. Spend more time naked.

I love being naked in bed. Its one of the most joyous parts of my day when I get to strip down to my birthday suit and let my whole body be as nature inteded! In Embrace Taryn took part in a naked swim and seemed to have an amazing time so this year I am looking into going to a naturist spa for the weekend! Which is slightly terrifying I have to admit!

3. Ignite my passion for cooking and baking.

I love cooking and baking even though with my IBS and testing for food intolerance's it can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare, but in the recent years it has become a real chore. How can I make this recipe lower fat, am I eating enough fruit and veg, am I eating too many carbs, is an avocado really good fat? Aside, I love avocado. So I have had enough of this. I am going to cook and bake to my hearts content and listen to my body (and work with a dietitian hopefully on the IBS issues) 

4. Take more photos

I am forever guilty of not wanting my photo taken when I don't feel I look my best. You know what I realise though? When I look back at photos I very rarely comment on how I look in them. I look at the memories and say how much I loved that holiday or experience. 

Forget flattering angles, my body is worthy of being photographed from ALL angles.

5. Fill my social media with people who make me happy.

One thing that Taryn said that has really stuck with me is that you need to fill your social feeds with images that make you happy. This doesn't mean that I am going to delete every thin person I follow on instagram, because a lot of them do make me happy. It means however that I am going to stalk the body positivity hashtags, unfollow accounts promoting thin as the only way to be and anyone promoting detox teas! I dont need that in my life. 

6. Dance more, swim more and do more yoga

When I was a paid up subscriber to the lose weight club exercise was a sole activity to but as many calories as I could to make up for the food I was going to eat. Well I say forget that. I love dancing (especially in my nuddy pants to Demi Lovato's confident - if you haven't tried it you are missing out) and I love yoga for its mental health benefits! I have purposely rejoined a gym that does all of these things AND has a sauna, steam room and jacuzzi

7. Wear more colour! 

Gosh I fell victim to the black is slimming brigade for far too long! But I always longed to fill my wardrobe with vibrant reds, emerald greens and cobalt blues. So from now on that's what I am going to be doing (there will be plenty of room in there for monochrome too, a girl has to have options, but not to hide or disguise anything!)

So there you have it! That's what I intend to do

Charlotte Lucy

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