Friday, 20 January 2017

Wearing My Wardrobe 2017: Weeks 1 & 2

When I first started blogging over a year ago I was really into blogs that showed what the bloggers actually wore on a daily basis, then these blogs seemed to disappear in favour of the more glossy outfit posts. Now this may be an unpopular opinion but more and more I started feeling like blogs were turning into the warped reality of a fashion magazine we were trying so hard to get away from. Don't get me wrong, I love a good glossy post and I know thats where the money comes from in blogging but this is my hobby and so I decided that on my instagram (shoestringchicblog) I was going to start doing daily OOTDs. Partly to track what I am wearing (Inspired by the beautiful Katie) but also as I want to show my body more on the Internet. There are going to be more posts explaining this more over the next few weeks but I just think we need a more diverse range of bodies in the blogosphere! Anyway ...

So on my instagram I am posting everyday, but here I will only be posting my outfits and not my pjs or underwear! As i write this its the 19th and I haven't repeated an outfit yet! On the left I am wearing a long top which has these huge buttons all the way down the side which I paid £3 for from Age UK with a chunky knit cardigan (originally F+F but I paid I think £2.99 from Extra Care charity shop) This was just worn to my Nana's for dinner!

On the right I was having a bad body confidence day so I thought right I will wear something bright and I will have a good day which I did! The dress was from Age Uk and actually its originally a primark one! I don't usually buy primark second hand but I fell in love with this dachshund print dress last year. I paired it with this super soft cardigan I bought recently in the British hart foundation shop.

Left: Both items here were bought from actual shops ... shock horror! Both a long while ago now though but I know I paid around £20 for that skirt which seems crazy to me now! I was bloated and had the worst period pain so this was just a throw on outfit!

Right: We went to an unlimited screening of La La Land which didn't disappoint! I had decided I wanted to wear a dress and sequins, while trying not to look over dressed (after all cineworld isn't really somewhere you glam up is it?) The dress was £2.49 from BHF (originally from F+F) and the jacket was a Christmas present from my mom bought in the New Look sale for £11

Left: This F+F dress (Can you see a pattern starting here?) is one of my absolute favourites in the summer and I was thinking about packing it away until then and then it hit me, I live in England and we have about three days of summer each year. So i thought I would experiment with layering as its not something I am usually very good at. That said though I enjoyed the overall look, by pairing it with this grey roll neck (originally h&m bought from extra care).

Right: Oh I know I said I wasn't going to include lounge wear but this tee is my total life. I got it from eBay after Christmas.

Left: Clashing stripes and breaking all the fashion rules but I wore this to travel down to London. Both top and skirt were from £1 rails in different charity shops. This blazer is a few years old from new look and just provides a much needed extra layer in the cold we are having in the UK!

Right: One of my favourite eBay purchases of last year is this Henry Holland (my favourite) tee that has a cat and mouse (right I'm earning crazy cat lady points every day here?) I paired it with this topshop skirt (I paid £2ish for it from scope and it still had the tags on it and should have been £22) Its like a body con skirt with a mesh skirt over the top and I cant decide what I thought about it. I am going to try it a couple of times and then it may end up being donated back to a charity shop

Wow that feels like a very long post! If you haven't seen I have embarked on a 365 Day Charity Shop Challenge!

Come back every other Friday for an update post!

Charlotte Lucy


  1. Loving the leopard print dress,obvs! xx

    1. Haha

      Theres another coming up in part two ...

  2. I love that blue dress with the grey turtleneck under - so cute! :)

    1. Its one of my all time favourite summer pieces and I don't know why it took me this long to layer it!

  3. Wow - love the sound of the challenge! Off to read more....
    Also, that cat tshirt is bloody amazing. Go girl!