Monday, 20 February 2017

BODY POSITIVE: Loving your body even when you don't like it.

You might be really confused by the title, but bear with me here, I can explain ...

I remember as a child and more importantly as a moody teenager my mom and I would argue a fair bit. I would stomp up to my room or out to the park with the requisite "Life's not fair/you don't love me" dialogue and my mom would usually reply with the comment that yes she did love me but right now she didn't like me very much. 

Recently I have been feeling the same way about my body.

I LOVE my soft curves. I love my messy, tumbling curls that always make me look a little dishevelled. I love that the skin on my face is pretty easy to manage, as apart from the odd hormonal spot, I have never suffered with bad skin. I love that my lips allow me to kiss the wonderful man that I married every single day. I love that I have a voice and I can speak out about things I am not happy with. I can also use this voice (and frequently do) to sing along at the top of my voice to musical soundtracks, imagining myself as the leading lady. I love that my small boobs don't always require a bra! OK I might have giant nipples, but free the nipples right? In the summer especially I can just throw on a floaty dress, some sandals, sunnies and a hat and off I go out to enjoy the world. I love my tiny waist which can give me the illusion of an hourglass figure. I love my large hips that I can shimmy and shake and my legs that take me all around the house dancing when I am cleaning.

However recently, I haven't been liking my body. I have mentioned before I suffer from both physical and mental health issues. I am happy to report that the anxiety and depression, through a combination of medication, loving my body etc have been relatively under control. The Physical Health though? Bloody nightmare.

I had been feeling fatigued for a few weeks now and had made an appointment to see my GP tomorrow (which I am still going to) to discuss the fact my Vitamin D levels are dropping lower and lower. Last Tuesday I had a bleed. Luckily it wasn't anything serious but it left me exhausted, dizzy and pale. I had to cancel my shifts for the week which i HATE doing and really give myself a rest. My IBS flared up at the same time and left me unable to eat anything for a couple of days and its only now 5 days later that I have started to feel a bit more on my feet.

So it's times like this when you don't like your body that it needs more love! Some of the things I have done this week to show my body that I still love her when she's being a bitch include:

  • Smothering myself in Soap and Glory Righteous Butter, head to toe on a daily basis
  • Wearing the comfiest PJs I own. No bra, nothing that feels uncomfortable
  • Spending a chunk of time naked, because letting my skin breath is the best!
  • Looking at my pale, tired face in the mirror and telling myself that even though I am sick, I am beautiful
  • Eating chocolate. Once my belly was a bit more settled!
Loving your body isn't always easy. I know I thought body positivity was like a switch and once you had turned it on that was it. No its not always going to be easy, but it will be OK. You have you to work on loving yourself, and the days it is the hardest is when you need it the most!

Charlotte Lucy


  1. There's nothing better to show your body you love it than the no-bra, comfy PJs life. I really relate to the whole "I love my body I just don't like it" thing (and YES my mum used to say that to me too as a teenager!)

    Rebecca Claire, xo

  2. I love this post, you have a beautiful body and it's so important to feel happy in your own skin. All for being body positive, you got it going on gal!

  3. I think it's great that you can find ways to love your body. It's so hard nowadays to not constantly compare yourself to others and I know it's a saying that no woman is ever truly happy, but I do think we need to spend more time focusing on the positive than the negative. Great job!

  4. WELL DONE YOU! I wish there were more posts like this, and you are bloody beautiful by the way. A little pamper session and cosy PJs always makes me feel better about my body too.


  5. You have such a lovely figure and you can tell you love your body just from the way you have written this! We all have moments when we hate our bodies, whether is medical, physical, or we just ave an outfit that the cut of the garments don't flatter our shape, I know I looked in the mirror the other day and felt like a giant disgusting mess after a week of rubish food, but the next day I looked again and realised it was probably poor lighting and the wrong outfit choice! I love your little section on how you have perked up your body this week, I'm really trying to moisturise morem but I still slack sometimes!