Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Feb lust list

Thigh High Boots

I know, I know, every blogger and her dog owns a pair of these right? It started with this pair of Stuart Weitzman beauties that are more than my rent and then Kate Louise teased me with a more affordable, but still completely out of my budget pair and now I spend each night praying that the charity shop gods will deliver ...

I actually tried on the most gorgeous pair of burgundy ones in the New Look sale but the heels were far too high for me to walk in!

Oversized Denim Dress

I like to think of myself as a reasonable adult who isn't swayed into buying things just because a blogger I like is wearing them but genuinely Stephanie from Nerd About Town keeps pulling out these outfits that I think damn I need that in my life. If you saw this post you will see the last outfit I fell in love with of hers was fairly easy to recreate from my own wardrobe but now I am lusting after some oversized denim!

A plain black cropped jumper

I have quite a few midi skirts and high waisted bits now and I just feel like a plain black crop would make them so much more wearable in the current climate.

Thats it for this month!

I know only three things but I am really trying to almost curate my wardrobe. If you know me I am always on the look out for anything henry holland and also different coloured skater dresses but I am really trying to wear my wardrobe and make sure I make the most out of everything I am wearing at the moment! 


  1. I've been looking through some thigh high boots for ages, my problem is I'm so tall that all I've tried on don't end up being thigh high, more knee high! Fingers crossed you find the perfect pair in a charity shop!
    Rachael | <a href=">Helpless Whilst Drying</a>

    1. Oh no really! Im 5 5 so pretty average height but for some reason thigh highs dont tend to stay up ... I was wondering if tit tape would do the trick!