Wednesday, 1 February 2017

January buyers archive

Started by the lovely Elise years ago now the Buyers Archive is a record of everything you buy that goes into your wardrobe. I have been following bloggers such as Hazel and Janet doing this for years and love seeing there end of year round ups etc and so I have made the commitment to start this year! I have posted some posts in the last year over on my Lifestyle blog but I have never really made the commitment to stick to it! 

As you will know if you read this blog I have commited to a 365 day Charity Shop challenge and I am really trying to be more selective with what I buy. I very rarely now buy things without trying them on and I am trying to condense my wardrobe. I was really shocked that i manage to wander around westfield in London (and shops we dont have in Leicester such as Pull & Bear and Stradivarius) and still not buy any brand new clothes! I did buy some underwear but like I said previously this is something I would never buy second hand!

Anyway ... on to what I bought. 

Rocketdog shoes, £3, Loros Loughborough 

One of the things I noticed towards the end of last year was that I dont have many pairs of comfy shoes. I would really like to purchase some vintage converse, but I am going to keep my eyes peeled. I spotted these Rocketdog pumps for the tiny price of £3 in the LOROS shop and couldn't resist them! They are so pretty and look unworn!

Bralette £14 and matching knickers £7 monsoon

Ok the next two purchases I totally blame on the film Embrace. I decided once and for all to forget diet culture, which as a seriel dieter shook me to the core. I threw away my scales (there is proof on my instagram: shoestringchicblog) and I wanted to buy some underwear that I felt hot in. I hate underwiring and luckily for me my tiny boobs are good without the support. I couldnt resist this lazy black set from monsoon but be warned this is a large and I am a 36a so there range of sizing is terrible. So sort it out monsoon!

Bralette £14 and matching knickers £7Accessorize

Same as above but these are floral lace ones! The kickers are a size 16 and they are strange. They fit but they are very very low rise and only just about cover!

Henry Holland floral crop tee, 75p, age U.K. Leicester

This is potentially my favourite purchase this month. I was drawn over to the bargain rail in my local Age UK shop (I always have a mooch and don't usually find much) and saw this! Its Henry Holland and it was 75p. It fits perfectly and I can't wait to wear it with my dungarees in true 26 year old dressed as a toddler style!

Peacocks grey tee £3 age uk Leicester

I also on the same shopping trip noticed this grey light knitted tee. Its high necked which I never wore until recently and its shorter at the front. I am really into layering at the moment and have a few pairs of patterned trousers that I havent known what to wear with so I thought I would give this a go!

Mango dress, £5, LOROS Leicester
I then went shopping with my girl Kirstie and I couldn't resist picking some things up! It was actually Kirstie who spotted this dress for me and I fell in love with the print! When I tried it on I wasn't 100% sure but decided to get it and I've tried it I at home with both tights and boots and sandals and I'm absolutely in love with it! I couldn't shake the feeling is seen it somewhere before though and lo and behold I found it was one of the dresses Hannah Gale was raving about in the summer!!

Faux Leather Jacker, B by Bernardos, £4 Cancer Research Leicester
This was a holy grail find. Some days you feel like the thrift gods have been reading your lust lists and just placed an item made for you in the shop. This biker jacket is perfect, looks unworn and cost me less than a McDonald's extra value meal! What's not to love really?

Mom Jeans, no label, £1, Cancer Research Leicester
These were a really last minute, caught out of the corner of my eye product that I broke my own rules by not trying on. These vintage high waist, elastic aged mom jeans were in my size and only £1 so I took a chance on them. I honestly can't decide if I love them or hate them but I'll be trying to style them up in the next month!

Ok so if you have seen my instagram (shoestringchicblog) you will see the issues that I had with this! I picked it up while I was shopping and didn't try it on! Im a size 14 and I got the 16 to be on the safe side and well you would have thought that I had accidently picked up a childs swimsuit as it wouldn't go past my thighs! So I ended up going back and getting a size 20 which fits me perfectly despite the fact I am a flat chested usually 14/16.

This Months Spend: £72.75
2017 Total Spend: £72.75

I winced a little bit of that especially as £56 of that is brand new stuff from shops which feels weird to me to buy! However for the next few months I am going to try and keep my spend below £50 a month! 


  1. Replies
    1. Thankyou! I am hoping that when I wear them a couple of times they will stop rubbing or they will have to go unfortunately.!

  2. Those underwear sets are stunning! V jealous of you being able to wear bras with not underwire, I am currently being poked in the armpit by my bra :(

    1. Oh no :( Not to make you jealous at all but sometimes I dont wear a bra at all I just let them free flow haha!

  3. You got such a lot for your money! I love that dress so much, the print is fantastic!

    1. Ah THANKYOU I can't wait for my holiday now to wear it!

  4. Forgot to tell you I found the swimsuit in the end! I also had to size up, I'm normally around a 16, I tried on an 18 given what you had said and it fit but my boobs could have been coming free at any point if swimming, so sized up to a 20 which gave me more coverage, and I could pull in the back slightly more!

    1. Im glad its not just me then that thinks there sizing is totally ridiculous!

  5. This is such a good idea!! Im a sucker for buying loads of stuff and I tried to have a clearout earlier in the month getting rid of a lot, you got so much, im definitely heading to charity shops more often, you got some brill items!

    1. I still need to have a proper clear out 😂 If you ever find yourself in Leicester I'll happily accompany you 😏

  6. Such a lovely idea to only shop in charity shops this yer, you do it so well too! Love the mango dress, and the leather jacket!

    I really need to try and do this, don't think I can commit to a year though xxx

    1. I'll let you in on a secret ... I broke the promise a little bit this month haha

  7. Some greats buys here Charlotte! The Rockdog shoes are so cute! I wouldn’t buy underwear in a charity shop either, or swimwear. The thought makes me shudder.
    That formal crop will look great with dungarees, I’m looking forward to getting mine out again soon (and I’m 41!).
    The grey tee should go with floral trousers nicely - it’s great to find things that help to complete your wardrobe.
    I’ve found that keeping a monthly record helped me to curb my spending, if I went a little crazy one month I’d know to reign it in for the next few months. Good luck!

    1. I hope that it helps me in that way, I know I have already spent far too much this month so am going to be a bit stricter with my budget in May! Dungarees are strange I love them but I do feel weird in them haha