Monday, 27 February 2017

The Anti Haul

I have seen these floating around the Internet, mainly on youtube, and thought what a good idea! The general gist behind them is to look at the current haul culture and, whether for ethical reasons or whatever, talk about what hyped products they won't be buying! On youtube it is mainly makeup videos, I have been watching Kimberly Clark talking about which hyped makeup products she won't be buying. However, The Anna Edit, did a fashion version and I thought yes this is what I need to do!

If you haven't already seen I am embarking on a 75 day spending ban and one of the worries is that at the end of it I will go crazy and buy so much stuff, and that really defeats the point of what I am trying to do. So I had a look around the Internet at the things that everyone seems to say you need in your wardrobe and these are the things I definitely DON'T need in my life.

Blazers. I have tried this in the past and in fact I have a really nice smart one in my wardrobe but it just has to go. I have broad shoulders anyway and whenever I put it on I always feel like I am dressing up like an 80s business woman and thats just not a look that makes me feel good.

Body Shapers. I bloody hate this things! They are uncomfortable and always pinch my fat and just displace it into the weirdest of places. Lets get this clear, no amount of spanx is going to disguise this lovely fat body of mine, its always here. So why do I put myself through the pain on squeezing into tummy holding in pants? Let it out and proud.

Chokers. I really dont like this look. Its just one of those things that I dont ever want to wear. I dont care if all the cool girls wear chokers, I am happy being uncool.

Jeans. It always suprises people when I say I don't wear jeans. Ok I recently bought a pair of really elasticated vintage mom jeans, but they don't count! Jeans to me and my IBS are so bloody uncomfortable I would much rather wear leggings or actually I am happier in floaty dresses and skirts.

White Shirt. It kind of goes with not really wearing jeans but also I am the messiest eater ever. I will happily tuck into a massive bowl of tomato pasta or a chocolate fudge cake but 9 times out of 10 at least one mouthful ends up down my front!

Charlotte Lucy

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