Friday, 17 February 2017

Wear My Wardrobe in 2017: Weeks 5 & 6

There are only four outfits this week. 

No I haven't worn then same outfit multiple times. Well, not the ones pictured here anyway!

If you live in the UK you will know that it has got bloody cold all of a sudden and if you don't already know I dont do well with the cold. My problem is with my fibromyalgia my temperature settings are all over the place. So I start off with layers and then get too warm, then end up carrying my layers around with me and then get grumpy that I am carrying too much. So in a bad mood, this last week has consisted mostly of work uniform, gym clothes and pjs. So anyway, here are the four outfits I managed to put together in the last fourteen days!

Left: I felt like a milion dollars in this dress! I have had it years from h+m and it doesn't get nearly as much love as it deserves. I paired it with this beautiful red cardigan which I got from the British Heart Foundation. Its so beautifully soft and originally from Pep&Co which I had never heard of! 

Right: This dress again doesn't get enough love (see a theme here?) and is a lovely long sleeved floral dress that I bought from the Marie Curie shop in Coalville. Its a real vintage John Lewis and just feels like it was made for me! I paired it with my new to me faux leather jacket (which you may have seen in my January Buyers Archive)

Left: You haven't even seen this dress yet in a buyers archive but I had to wear it! Its quite thick denim and convered in butterflies and couldnt resist it. Originally Dorothy Perkins but I got it from Age UK

Right: This skirt I love but I havent really found a way to style it yet and on this day I threw it on over a black dress!

I hope that I can try and get my mojo back a little bit. My mood tends to reflect how I dress and at the moment while I have not being feeling well my mood has meant that what I dress is has to be comfy and cosy ... which is why I have lived in pjs and leggings!

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Charlotte Lucy


  1. Hope you feel better soon, still some fab choices! Xx

  2. I love that stripey dress! It's really flattering. I need to start getting more wear out of my clothes. Like you, I tend to get stuck in the habit of wearing comfy, slouchy clothes when I'm in the house. I really need to make more of an effort.

  3. Such lovely outifts! I'm totally stuck in a style rut and hate it! But these look so lovely, I might wear a dress tomorrow to mix it up from the Jeans and tee look I have been sporting most of the week!

  4. Absolutely love the striped dress! Such a classic pattern that still looks really striking.

    You could style that skirt with a cute roll neck! 💕

  5. Loving these looks Charlotte! I'm desperate for more sunshine and spring weather so I can bring my dresses out of hibernation. I adore the floral skirt - really suits you.


  6. Charlotte I love ALL of these outfits! xxx