Friday, 3 February 2017

Wearing My Wardrobe 2017: Weeks 3 & 4

Welcome to the second instalment of wearing my wardrobe in 2017! If you didn't see part one you can catch up on that here! I have to say I am pretty impressed with myself that I have made it four weeks already without repeating an outfit or forgetting to take a photo. Like I have explained before there wont be 14 pictures each time as I work nights and on those days I am working I go from PJs to uniform and back to PJs, which would be a little boring to see every week!

I feel that sometimes I can be really unimaginative when it comes to dressing even though I have a wardrobe bursting with clothes that I love I can get stuck in a bit of a rut of wearing the same leggings and jumpers and so I am trying to vary these things! That said there are a lot of jumpers at the moment because it is freezing cold in the UK.

I am giving clothes I'm not 100% sure on a kind of three strikes and you are out system. There are two pieces in this post that fit into this and I will point them out as I go along, but generally the idea is that if I find a piece I'm not 100% sure on I will give myself two more goes at styling it and if I am still not happy it will be donated!

Left: Inspired by the wonderful Nerd About Town I thought I could give a new life to this shirt and I really loved it. Its almost too long to be a shirt but too short to be a dress and Ive always felt a little uncomfy in it. However, after throwing my favourite mustard knit jumper over the top I enjoyed the outfit and it was perfect for a day of exploring London. Shirt originally New Look bought from LOROS and jumper originally Matalan bought from the British Heart Foundation. 

Right: This outfit was specifically for Charity Shopping. Underneath is a plain black vest top and plain black leggings. The jumper dress easily whips off for me to try on things in charity shops. Easy right? Jumper dress was £3 from the Cancer Research shop and originally from TU at sainsburys.

Left: this skirt gets worn again and again! I bought it ages ago for £3, when everyone was wearing button down denim mini skirts I bought this elastic one because you know IBS girl problems! The cat tee was a more recent purchase from the age UK shop 

Right: possibly one of my favourite purchases ever was this vintage M&S polka dot dress which was £1.99 from the Samaritans shop and just feels like it was made for my body! 

Left: it was cold and I needed something snuggly! My old faithful grey top (originally from H&M bought from extra care charity) went really well under this tasselled dress (originally Primark bought from LOROS) 

Right: This was one of those outfits that you throw together and then think damn that worked out well! The long sleeved leopard print dress was given to me by my mom but I wanted to break it up a little so threw on this denim vest (originally gap, bought from The British heart foundation) 

Left: You will have seen the shoes on my January buyers archive post and I just wanted to wear them straight away and so today I dressed from the bottom up. Trusty grey top as a base layer and this grey H&M dress (bought from age uk) which I'm honestly not feeling the love for! The problem is it's very short, strappy but thick. So I'm so confused as to what season it's meant for!  So I think this is being donated because I just don't think I can work with it. 

Right: I was going out with Kirstie for sushi and shopping and I was having a bad body day. I was feeling horrendous and just wanted to hide away and so dressed myself head to toe in black! At the last second I decided you know what I'm going to push myself to stand out and say hey world here I am and I'm fabulous and so threw on this bright pink fuzzy jumper from H&M.

Left: I bloody love leopard print (if you couldn't already tell) and this jumper I picked up from LOROS (originally H&M) with my new favourite buy! You will be seeing this in my February buyers archive  but it was £4 from the cancer research UK shop! It's a beautiful faux leather and is buttery soft! 

Right: I genuinely had a weekend of lets just throw on something and pretend it's an outfit! This jumper had amazing spiked shoulders and was only 99p even though it's originally from ax Paris. I did get avocado all down it! 

I feel like I've got into a bit of a monochrome rut and I think that reflects on how I've been feeling recently. I am going to try and include more colour next time!! 

Charlotte Lucy


  1. The mustard jumper is definitely my favourite!

    Kirsty Leanne

  2. I love mustard I think I have a slight obsession with the colour at the moment so I adore that jumper your wearing!
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

    1. Oh god I could literally buy everything in that colour is my bank balance would let me!