Monday, 27 March 2017

#IntuSpringStyle event

After turning down numerous invites to events at Intu, last Saturday I was FINALLY able to attend one! Unfortunately with my job I tend to book shifts weeks in advance (but hopefully this will be changing in a few weeks time!) When I got the invite I practically jumped at the chance (cliche blogger phrase, I am aware!) and emailed back straight away!

Before meeting the girls at Cafe Rizzoli I had a look around the centre as it has been a while since I visited. For a while my IBS and Anxiety have been keeping me sticking to places I know (something I havent really mentioned on this blog) and I was worried to be out of my comfort zone. However, with a lot of breathing exercises my fears melted away when I met the other lovely bloggers! I found a beautiful shop, Sostrene Greene, and bought a few little pieces! The store in Nottingham is the first in the UK and it is a bloggers dream! Everything is very Hygge, Instagrammable and won't break the bank!

Anyway, we started off like I say in Cafe Rizzoli by meeting the owner of the family business, and drinking some Bellini's! I had a quick glance around at the other diners (you know I'm a foodie at heart) and it is somewhere that I will be taking Tom on our next visit to Nottingham!

We then headed to see the spring summer fashion ideas and I totally fell in love with this jumpsuit! I don't know if I shared with you that I have actually bought a really bright jumpsuit and as of yet I haven't been brave enough to wear it but the show really inspired me to get it out now we are heading into Spring and Summer!

I was impressed to see that they had included a plus size model, however I have to say I think they could improve on this next time! While the regular sized male and female models showed three or four outfits in the current trends, the plus size model only showed one that seemed to focus more on covering her all up rather than showing off how fabulous plus size fashion can be. As a size 16 myself I recognise I am an Inbetweenie and on the smaller side of plus size but I would have loved to see her in different outfits and showing off the trends! The other models also took their outfits from day to night and this would have been a lovely touch too.

We were then set a challenge. Armed with a £20 gift card kindly given to us by Intu Victoria Centre and a card with the name of one of the trends. When I picked mine I was a little unsure. The head to toe florals or nautical would have been fitting right into my comfort zone, but part of learning to live and be happy with my body is pushing the limits of that comfort zone and actually I really enjoyed the outfit I came out (there will be a full outfit post when its a bit warmer!)

I would never have thought of looking in Topshop but Ellie new exactly what would fit the theme but I was sceptical about budget! After finding a grey strappy dress with a mesh overlay and a white dress with sheer panelling (both £15, both too small!) I came across THIS one and it fit perfectly! I cant wait to wear it all summer long with different cami dresses underneath!

Sarah and I then headed to quiz and managed to find her perfect top too, again for £15. 

With £5 of my budget remaining I set my heart on finding a necklace of some kind to wear with it but thought I was pushing it a little bit. With 5 minutes left of the 30 minute challenge the girls wanted to head to river island, where I picked up this love necklace for just £3. I decided to make one last run to Superdrug next door and pick up this MUA Lipstick for just £1 to complete the look which Molly informs me is really good!

We then all met at Handmade Burger Co to regroup and share our purchases! I ordered the peanut butter and bacon burger which mostly people find weird but the combination of sweet and savoury is just my cup of tea! Despite a bit of a hiccup with the drinks (my coke had a big slosh of vodka in it which I gulped down because I was so thirsty!) the food was great and the company even better!

Thank you so much to the team at Intu for inviting me, I had such a fantastic time and can't wait to put together some outfits with all of the ideas that you gave me! If you are quick share your own #intuspringstyle on twitter or instagram to win a £50 intu giftcard! Competition ends the 30th April and you can see the full details here

Charlotte Lucy

Friday, 24 March 2017

Sea Salt Cornwall: Outfit under £10 from Cancer Research Uk

So sometimes I pick up clothes when I already know the brand, but this was a total shock to me!

My favourite charity shop in Leicester is the Cancer Research Uk shop where everything is £3 or less. I can get really carried away, but recently I tend to be very good (unless I am with Kirstie, she's a bad influence!)

However, on my wedding anniversary we had about an hour to kill and so I just popped in for a little browse and came out with two dresses. I was really good and even tried them on which has been one of my goals this year! When I got home I researched the brand Sea Salt Cornwall and found that not only are there clothes £45 + they are also recommended by a lot of ethical clothing bloggers so win win!

The dress is also a cordrouy kind of feel and has pockets! You can tell its really built to last and so it was a total steal at £3! Its comfy, and although theres no stretch in it, its big enough to cover an IBS bloat!

The biker jacket is another steal from there at £4 (yeah Im not sure why it was £4 as nothing else is over £3 but I would have paid a lot more for it!!) I had been after one for ages and I practically ran to the till with it!

The boots are Dorothy Perkins, but I won them in a twitter competition! So yeah the whole outfit is really under £10! I have to thank my husband Tom for only moaning a little bit when taking these photos! It was drizzling a bit and also my modelling skills need a lot of work!

Charlotte Lucy

Friday, 17 March 2017

Oversized Denim

I am a little bit rusty when it comes to outfit posts but it is something I am passionate about getting back into! I really do love fashion, but I don't think that you need to spend lots of money achieving the look you want. You know already that I spend half my life working and the other half either charity shopping or eating and as Discovering Charlotte already has the eating half covered, here I need to show more of the fashion.

Now, I am not 100% happy with this outfit. I wanted a plain long sleeved striped top to wear underneath but thought this "My goodness, my guiness" one would have to do. I have wanted an oversized denim dress ever since Nerd About Town posted one, I am pretty much in love with her style. It has taken me a while to find one as I was really hung up on it being flattering. I really hate that word you know and once this post is live I will be striking it out of my vocabulary! I am a large and proud girl, I don't need to flatter my body.

Anyway I picked this up from The British Heart Foundation last week for £4.49. Its originally from Dorothy Perkins. I love the little denim details on the buttons. I wish that the neckline was a little higher but I love it all the same. Its comfortable and I felt very me in it! I am also in love with my slouchy boots which were a bargain at £3 from my favourite Cancer Research shop in Leicester.

Hopefully I am going to make this a more regular series!

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Why I Have Abandoned My Spending Ban 14 Days In.

It took me 14 days of being on a spending ban (and breaking it by buying the marie kondo spark joy book) to realise that right now in my life it is not for me. As with my past issues with eating, I am an all or nothing kind of person and I realised that this spending ban was pushing me into an almost binge and starve cycle. Everyday I was so concerned about what I was allowed to spend that day, I began trying to cut down on essentials in attempts to feel virtuous by having a no spend day. I was getting quite close to the point where I inevitably would push myself into a crazy spending spree and I was determined not to let that happen.

I watched the minimalists documentary on Netflix last week and its really put some things into perspective for me. I think a lot of the YouTube videos I had watched regarding minimalism had put me off because they seemed to involve living in very white houses with very little possessions, however the documentary points out its more about surrounding yourself with things you really cherish rather than having things because society tells you that you need them. For example, I have a collection of magnets on my fridge that Tom and I have collected from all of our holidays together. I love seeing them each morning when I am making my breakfast and thinking about all the adventures we have been on and those we have left to take! I thought that by trying to be more minimalist I would have to get rid of these.

Anyway, my plan moving forward is to be more mindful of my spending. So I am still sticking with my plan not to buy any toiletries until my current ones run out (This has been an ongoing project and you can see my latest Empties posts here and here)

Charlotte Lucy