Friday, 17 March 2017

Oversized Denim

I am a little bit rusty when it comes to outfit posts but it is something I am passionate about getting back into! I really do love fashion, but I don't think that you need to spend lots of money achieving the look you want. You know already that I spend half my life working and the other half either charity shopping or eating and as Discovering Charlotte already has the eating half covered, here I need to show more of the fashion.

Now, I am not 100% happy with this outfit. I wanted a plain long sleeved striped top to wear underneath but thought this "My goodness, my guiness" one would have to do. I have wanted an oversized denim dress ever since Nerd About Town posted one, I am pretty much in love with her style. It has taken me a while to find one as I was really hung up on it being flattering. I really hate that word you know and once this post is live I will be striking it out of my vocabulary! I am a large and proud girl, I don't need to flatter my body.

Anyway I picked this up from The British Heart Foundation last week for £4.49. Its originally from Dorothy Perkins. I love the little denim details on the buttons. I wish that the neckline was a little higher but I love it all the same. Its comfortable and I felt very me in it! I am also in love with my slouchy boots which were a bargain at £3 from my favourite Cancer Research shop in Leicester.

Hopefully I am going to make this a more regular series!

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