Friday, 24 March 2017

Sea Salt Cornwall: Outfit under £10 from Cancer Research Uk

So sometimes I pick up clothes when I already know the brand, but this was a total shock to me!

My favourite charity shop in Leicester is the Cancer Research Uk shop where everything is £3 or less. I can get really carried away, but recently I tend to be very good (unless I am with Kirstie, she's a bad influence!)

However, on my wedding anniversary we had about an hour to kill and so I just popped in for a little browse and came out with two dresses. I was really good and even tried them on which has been one of my goals this year! When I got home I researched the brand Sea Salt Cornwall and found that not only are there clothes £45 + they are also recommended by a lot of ethical clothing bloggers so win win!

The dress is also a cordrouy kind of feel and has pockets! You can tell its really built to last and so it was a total steal at £3! Its comfy, and although theres no stretch in it, its big enough to cover an IBS bloat!

The biker jacket is another steal from there at £4 (yeah Im not sure why it was £4 as nothing else is over £3 but I would have paid a lot more for it!!) I had been after one for ages and I practically ran to the till with it!

The boots are Dorothy Perkins, but I won them in a twitter competition! So yeah the whole outfit is really under £10! I have to thank my husband Tom for only moaning a little bit when taking these photos! It was drizzling a bit and also my modelling skills need a lot of work!

Charlotte Lucy


  1. I love your dress! Seasalt is such a lovely brand, you were lucky there!

    1. Thank you!

      Can't believe i hadn't heard of the brand haha