Friday, 2 June 2017

The Shoestring Chic Spending Ban.

I am a shopaholic. I have said it before. I think I am being frugal, and thank god really that I don't have more expensive taste. I will see that there is something on offer, say body lotion, and buy it thinking that is really a good offer. When I get it home though and add it to my collection of the other unused, bargain body lotions I see how cluttered my life is. I have always been a shopper, right from children there was a difference between me and my brother. If he had £5 pocket money he would save up for something. I on the other hand would want to spend it straight away and get as much for my money as possible.

I'm a bit like a magpie I suppose. I go wondering round the charity shops and things catch my eye. I went through a stage of buying clothes to slim into, which ended up with my having a wardrobe full of clothes that just didnt fit and leaving me feeling more and more miserable with how I looked. When I decided to embrace my body I then started going out and replacing these things with clothes I loved and fit my body, but I didnt really think about what I needed, instead buying beautiful dresses at bargain prices that weren't totally practical for every day wear.

I know something has to change and it starts now.

From right now I am on a 6 week spending ban. I am an all or nothing person by nature and I know the risk of this is that at the end of the 6 weeks I will boomarang back to spending like its going out of fashion. However, during this 6 weeks I have goals and I am also going to be reading a lot of financial blogs etc to see how other people manage there money (feel free to leave me your favourites below!)

My Goals:

1. Pay off as much of my credit card as I can.
2. Declutter my house and only keep things I love and/or are useful.

3. Research some ways to increase my income.

4. Look into cutting down my food bills!

What Is Allowed To Be Spent

  • Food. But no eating out, takeaway coffees, bottles of water ... Everything I eat or drink must be purchased to be made at home. 
  • Toiletries. But only if I run out of something completely (which trust me is not likely to happen.
  • Bills etc. I have cancelled any unneccasary direct debits (my latest in beauty box for example) but things such as my pet insurance, prescription costs, rent etc still must be paid!
And thats it! 

I am not doing this alone either. I have three bloggers who are also joining me on this challenge! and they are. I asked them for there motivation behind doing this challenge and these were their replies: 

Beth (Twitter: @toastywrites)
I recently watched the Minimalism documentary and the idea of everything you own having purpose and value really struck a chord with me, so I'm trying to be more picky about everything I spend my money on. I'm getting much better at not impulse buying extra beauty products - although it still happens more than I'd care to admit - and my real downfall is food. I cook from scratch as much as I can, but the temptation to order in or buy extra snacks often gets the better of me and I'd like to be less wasteful.

Bronagh  (Twitter: @BronaghLoves)

My main motivation for doing it is; I've just moved in with my partner to our first flat. We don't know what money will be like, so doing a challenge like this will encourage me to stop spending randomly & ensure I learn to save properly. 

Nikki (Twitter: @MissSparkles81)

I am really looking forward to taking part in this challenge. I am in the process of selling my house so trying to save as much money as I can for a deposit.

If you would like to take part please feel free! From next week I am going to be setting a challenge each week so even if you arent taking part in the total spending ban but would like to challenge yourself each week again feel free! I am going to be keeping a weekly spending diary which will go up every thursday and if you would like to share anything on twitter or instagram i will be using the #Shoestringspendingban 

Charlotte Lucy

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