Thursday, 1 June 2017

The Spending Diaries One.

I have thought for a while that I am good with money. I pay my bills, I put money into savings, I am a fabulous bargain hunter. However I feel that I am not getting anywhere. I feel like my house savings aren't growing how I would like them to, I don't feel I can travel as much as Id like to and I know that I don't cook at home as often as Id like to.

So, inspired by the refinery29 money diaries for one week I decided to write EVERYTHING down. Here's what happened ...


00:37 - Just been paid! Sent £100 off my credit card straight away, put £40 towards my one holiday and £50 into my other holiday fund. (I know two holidays!) Then paid £50 into the house savings. I want to up this and as soon as I've paid off my credit card I will do!

04:06 - I find myself on Amazon looking at something that I could really do with (hint it's for a future career progression plan that I don't want to jinx by telling too many people yet!) but £18.87 later!

10:03 - find myself missing my body balance class because of the stupid bus! But decide I'll go to Aqua yoga instead but hat leaves me two hours to kill, so decide to go to 200 degrees coffee house and get a latte and a goats cheese and roasted vegetable croissant which comes to £6.40.

12:00 - Aqua yoga, swim and sauna time ... included in my monthly gym costs (£35)

13:15 - Trip and fall into some charity shops and come out with a shirt and a book for Tom £3 and then take myself to Mrs Bridges for lunch. I don't usually have two meals out in one day and preparing my meals for gym days is something I really need to work on! £6.90

16:00 - Get home and fall asleep watching telly! Well I have been awake since 5pm yesterday!

18:00 - Tom gets home and comes and wakes me up and asks if we want to go out for dinner, his treat, of course I am not going to turn this down am I? We are both embarking on the no spend challenge together from next Friday and so this won't be happening for much longer! Also pop to tesco while we are out and come out with 2 cartons of Orange juice, 2 packs of Oreo thins which were on offer and a jar of gherkins which we had run out of! £3.90

20:00 - I'm in bed watching trolls and find myself browsing the Cath Kidston Dalmatians range. I really want a cardigan and a dress but cant definitely not justify the £130! Try to justify spending £10 on a mug but decide I can't so shut the page down and snuggle down!

Total: £39.07.
It did not feel that much as I was going along!


08:15 - wake up and REALLY don't want to get out of bed! I'm not a lover of the hot weather but I'm supposed to be going to yoga and meeting My friend for lunch 

09:00 - should already be on the bus but I'm still not ready so I won't be going to yoga.

10:00 - Get the bus into town. I don't drive and kindly my husband buys my monthly bus pass (he earns a lot more than me) I buy two books from the age UK shop £5 only one is fully justified and then pop into Bru for an iced coconut latte £3.70

12:00 - Head down to The Exchange where to support a charity in Gambia they are giving you a free drink for donating a bra (A cup for a cup) So I drop some off and stay for my free cup of tea. I head to where I am meeting Kirstie for lunch via superdrug and buy some talc 99p as I am getting the chub rub only to leave it on the till in there! I am not sure how I did that!

13:00 - After a browse around the British heart foundation we head to Prezzo for lunch. We have a voucher for 30% off and so I treated myself to the lobster tortellini and a gin and elderflower drink. Mine came to £15.49

14:00 - This is where things start adding up, and actually writing this has really shocked me because we went charity shopping, and no individual item was over £3. However I spent £12 in Age Uk, £6 in the other age uk, £5.50 in the British Heart Foundation and £5 in cancer research. Without really putting much thought to it I had just spent £28.50 I then went to boots and bought a wet brush and a couple of shapers bars because they are sooo tasty. £13.99

17:00 - After all the shopping we decided to go to Gelato Village which was sooooo worth it! £4.10

17:45 - On my way to the bus station I popped into TK Maxx to get my husband some mustard he likes (Its cheapest in there) and came away with that, another jar of mustard a fridge organiser and a pack of sheet masks. £15.95

21:00 - After a long drive to my parents house we decide to get a Papa Johns for dinner. We order an XXL to share and some sides and it comes to £24.65

Total: £112.37
I actually feel sick writing that. I had no idea I was spending that much. Like I would really like to kid myself into thinking this is a one off, it doesn't happen that often, but in reality it does. Not every week, but far too often


05:33 - I wake up to the sound of the biggest wasp I have ever seen banging against the window and my husband saying to me sternly "do not scream, its early."

09:50 -  I have needed an eye test for a while and kept putting it off, so when I saw on the Money Saving Expert website that they are free at tesco I booked one straight away! there is no obligation to buy your glasses from there and you can book your own here. Found out that I do need glasses and also a trip to the eye hospital and maybe laser surgery this week ...

10:30 - I had to have eye drops that take half an hour to work and so wondered around tesco and the Holland and Barret that's inside. Ended up buying healthy magazine and some B vitamin complex that was on half price £10.48

12:00 - Finally finished with my eye test and I am starving so grab a meal deal and an extra big bottle of water £3.90

13:00 - Feel awful and still cant see as the drops had blurred my eyes so much so went for a lie down!

18:30 - Go out for a meal to celebrate my husband getting his PHD with my parents, and they pay.

21:00 - Home and bed as I still don't feel very well.

Total: £14.38
This is better!  


11:00 - Wake up after a lie in always feels so good to wake up naturally without any alarms. My mom has made us pancakes with bacon and maple syrup which was delicious!

14:00 - Go out for lunch with a friend I haven't seen for absolutely ages, end up sitting for hours chatting and I had a sunset burger and a coke, with my NHS discount it came to £17.83. I also popped to tesco as we are having family over tonight and putting together a little tapas style dinner. I get a bottle of wine and some coca cola £6.70

17:00 - Dinner at mom and dads house and then a bit of chilling in the sun reading my new book.

19:00 - My aunt comes over and this is where it gets a bit messy ....

23:55 - Crawl into bed after getting my mom to bed, after far too much prosecco!

Total: £24.53
I don't normally spend this much money on eating out! 


10:22 - Wake up to the smell of bacon cooking with a bit of a fuzzy head! One of the perks of staying at my parents is that my mom always makes us breakfast! I don't intend to do much today apart from writing a few blog posts.

12:00 - End up watching location, location, location on channel 4 and it really gives me some motivation to start putting more money into the house savings, but also to get my current home more manageable without spending any money!

16:00 - Leave Dudley and head back to Leicester! Yo sushi for dinner which is my absolute favourite! We always go on a bank holiday Monday, Tom paid and I paid for the parking £2.50

18:00 - Pop to Aldi and the co-op to stock up on some bits we need for the week £12.48

19:00 - Crawl into bed and watch Tv!

Total: £14.98 


08:00 - Drag myself out of bed with the worst period pain I have ever had. Its getting worse every month. Took myself off to the hospital (not for the period pain, for my opthamology appointment.) told they couldn't see me and to come back tomorrow.

11:00 - Took my nana to Mrs Bridges for lunch. She wasn't happy with me for paying but I like to treat her sometimes! £14.30

13:00 - We popped into M&S and I have needed some new crop tops (I don't wear a bra but wear these under my uniform for work) they were on offer for buy one get one half price so I got two for £9. I then made the mistake of going to the food hall while struggling with cramps and treated myself to chutney, sea salt chocolates and a beer for tom ... £7.20 

19:00 - We bought a takeaway for dinner £15.79 


I ended this a day early this week because tomorrow (Wednesday) I have to the hospital for an opthamology appointment and i know this will leave me not wanting to look at bright lights afterwards, so I wanted to get this post scheduled before then!

Weekly Total: £242.62

I actually feel sick looking at that total. I don't feel like I am spending loads as I go along and then when you sit and add it up, you feel ill. All the things I could have spent that money on, that's a huge chunk off my credit card, savings, travel. I need to change and I need to change now. I'm almost embarrassed to post this but there it is out in the open, what I spent this week.

Tomorrows post will be all about my six week spending ban and what I hope to achieve!

Charlotte Lucy

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