Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The Spending Diaries: Three

Last week went really well but because I had to buy my glasses etc it still feels like I spent a lot! I am thinking about setting myself a challenge this week (along with my frugal food week) to spend no more than £30. Let see how it goes ...


00:15 - Money goes in. This is always the danger zone for me as I end up on amazon and there are a lot of books I want out at the moment. I have a browse but dont even log in as I know I won't be buying anything. My mind goes into overdrive trying to see if I can buy anything that I can justify as an essential.

08:00 - Finish my four nights! Im really really tired but it will be worth it when I get paid next week. I transfer money into my holiday and house savings and pne of the girls I was working with gives me a lift home which saves me waiting for the bus!

08:45 - Theres a knock on the door and its a parcel of bone broth from Ossa Organic that I won in a competition! Can't wait to try them this week. I decide to get into bed and watch youtube!

16:05 - Forgot to set an alarm and just wake up. Oops. Start thinking about dinner. I REALLY want a takeaway but thats not going to happen. I might have burgers.

17:00 - Tom got home and decided that he wanted a carvery for dinner and said he would buy mine too. I know this really defeats the point of the spending ban, but hes not on a ban and I really wanted carvery so I accepted the invite so we went after voting.

20:45 - Back home and in bed watching telly. I genuinely spend so much time in bed, I love it.

Total: £0.
I can't believe how many non spend days I am having. I only worked 20 hours last week and usually I would use that as ana excuse not to put money in the savings as I would tell myself I couldn't afford it.


08:15 - Wake up with mixed feelings about the election results.  Try not to think about and carry on regardless.

11:15 - I meet my friend Kirstie in Leicester  I go round primark and the pound shop with her and I am suprised really at how little I want to buy. I am tempted by baragin toiletries but knowing I cant buy them keeps me going. We pick up my glasses which I paid for last week and I am really happy that they come with a hard case! Small things ey?

12:30 - We head over to The Exchange because I won a Pizza Party for two on one of their social media which honestly couldn't have come at a better time. I know I am only on week 2 but I am missing lunches out. The pizza was delicious and I will be going back again as soon as the spending ban is over!

13:30 - After lunch we have a walk around the shops and Boots is my weakness. I leave behind the sleek matte me lipgloss thats reduced to £2 and also the half price batiste dry conditioner I have been dying to try but I resist. One of the things, we have both been decluttering and have done a little product swap (which will be on the blog soon) so without spending a penny I have some new goodies to try and so does kirstie! We also make a stop at the library and I pick up a Joe Wicks recipe book as I love the idea of 15 minute meals - though having a flick through it there doesn't seem to be many budget options!

15:30 - I have noticed that using my highcross plus app I can get a free smoothie and so thats what I do! I order the fruit salad and it is sooo good!

16:30 - I get the bus back home! After having a look in the fridge we have some cheese burger melts that need eating so for dinner I defrost some burger buns and find myself a veggie burger and tom a normal burger and topped with a few gherkins thats dinner sorted.

19:30 - After a bit more decluttering (I am on a mission here) we get into bed and make use of our netflix subscription, watch movies and eat cheese and chutney in bed.

Total: £0.
I know I wont be able to win lunch every week but this was fun!


12:48 -  I didn't set an alarm this morning and I have just woken up. I feel really groggy like I have had too much sleep but carry on regardless.

13:30 - We take a load of cardboard and metal to the tip that we have been hoarding in our garden for ages! Usually we would have to motivate ourselves to go somewhere like that with the promise of breakfast out or something but actually the thought of getting our house into some kind of order is spurring me on. I really let my house slip into chaos when my depression was spiralling downwards and now I feel much better getting it into order.

14:00 - We go to morrisons to do the food shop this week because I need to stock up on cat food and their 48 pack seems to be the cheapest I can find at £8.75. We also buy gardening shears £4.99 and 24 cans of coca cola £6 (I want to curb this addiction but slowly does it.) The rest of the food shop comes in at £29.42 and includes some reduced fish pie mix for lunch tomorrow and a bottle of red wine so I am pretty happy with that!

17:00 - For dinner we have a coupld of whoops pizzas from the back of the freezer and to be honest the co-ops own one hasnt frozen well and goes a bit hard when cooked. Well you live and learn.

19:00 - We leave the house for the cinema (We already have cineworld unlimited cards which cost £17.40 a month) and for the first time since I was on Slimming World I take my own snacks from home so don't spend a single penny! We chose to see my Cousin Rachel and it was the most boring film I have seen in a while. Although I think it would win an award for the most awkward sex scene in a movie ...

22:30 - Get into bed to watch telly. Drink the bottle of red wine and eat cheese and chutney ... we really know how to spend a saturday night!

Total: £49.16
I have set myself a budget of £50 a week for food and groceries and this includes the cat food which will last more than the week and so I am happy with that!


10:30 - Slightly earlier to rise this morning! Tom makes my favourite breakfast of eggy bread using the eggs that need using up and bread from the freezer. Sit in bed for a while watching the news and entering competitions (trying to win myself a free holiday ... a girl can dream right?

12:30 - Put the reduced fish pie mix, reduced can of sweetcorn (It had a dent in it), baby new potatoes and Ossa Organic fish bone broth (that I won in a competition) into the slow cooker to make a fish chowder for dinner. I cant wait!

14:30 - Ive been doing loads of laundry when I realise we have pretty much run out of washing powder, bleach and you know cleaning supplies in general! We also need a saw to cut down so wood in the garden. We got to B&M and come home £19.52 lighter.

And then I stopped writing.

I wanted to be completely open and honest but i genuinely think I have taken on much more than I can cope with at the moment. Coming off my antidepressants, increasing my hours at work, the spending ban, the declutter. It has all been too much and quite honestly I am not sure what to do with myself right now.

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