Tuesday, 4 July 2017

June Competition Wins!

You may or may not know that comping is one of my latest favourite hobbies! Inspired by the likes of SuperLucky Di and Victorias Vintage I have started entering lots of competitions! I think one of the misconceptions about compers is that the win loads of prizes without much effort! I tend to enter competitions on twitter mostly and others during my commute but I would say on average I enter about 50 a day at the moment. I don't enter everyday and I only enter things I REALLY want to win (this might sound obvious but when I first started I entered every single one! So I thought each month I would show you what I have won this month ... so here goes!

Pizza party for two at The Exchange 

Local competitions are always good to enter, they dont tend to get hundreds of entries because I suppose by the time people have factored in travel expenses etc it just isn't worth it. However I was really happy for the prize! I took my friend Kirstie and ever since we have been saying we need to go back for pizza! It was even in my foodies favourites!

A Brothers Cider festival pack 

Well ... I was supposed to be going to a couple of festivals this summer but now I am not sure I am going due to time and money restraints but still this kit contains a lot of useful things (I mean hello litre of cider, toiler covers and a torch!) 

I have been looking for a nice rug for my bedroom Yoga area for ages but they were all so expensive! So I was over the moon to win this wonderful soft one from Wilsons floor on twitter. It arrived so quickly and I have already had a couple of yoga sessions on it!

I am still waiting for two prizes so hopefully I will include them in Julys round up!

So thats it for this month! I didnt comp every day, and my July goal is to enter at least 25 competitions everyday maybe more! I enter all the twitter competitions on my normal twitter account (Charlotte_LucyG) and I know some people have seperate accounts, so if you are interested in some twitter retweet competitions feel free to follow me over there!

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