Thursday, 27 July 2017

Spending Diaries: What Happened.


So I wanted to come back today and tell you why I stopped my spending diaries. I am really struggling to write this today because I don't want it to sound like excuses, but I have been spending a lot more than I should have been recently and I have been almost embarrassed to post it.

I was working 50 hour weeks to pay money off my credit card which was fantastic, only as someone with chronic health issues I was basically just running on empty to get my credit card paid off. I was trying to spend less and less and I just wound myself tighter and tighter like a spring and then ricocheted into a massive spending spree. Well, I say that actually it's not as bad as it had once been but I started buying rubbish online I didn't need. Convincing myself that eating out every day was fine because I was working hard. My mental health plummeted and then I just felt awful. Then when I thought it couldn't get worse I was hospitalized in immense pain.

You may or may not know, but I have IBS and I have also had problems with ovarian cysts. I had this sudden onset of pain in my left side and coupled with low blood pressure and a very fast heart rate I ended up being admitted to the Gynae unit on a lot of painkillers. I had a scan and they found cysts again, but not as large as last time, so the consultant said hes pretty sure I have endometriosis. The only way to confirm this is having another laparoscopy which he isnt keen to do because I already have so much scar tissue that could be contributing to the pain. So for now I am going to start back on the pill and treat it as endometriosis with follow up scans in 4 months and possibly more surgery in the not so distant future.


I have got to put my health first. This has meant having a couple of weeks off sick (and therefore on no pay) and also I have had to reduce my hours so I am going to be on a reduced income. As my interest free period ends on my credit card next month I have used some of my house savings to pay it off. So my current goals are:

1. Rebuild up my house savings

2. Pay off my anniversary holiday

3. Reduce my food spend.

4. Make some more money from home!

So there you go if you have made it to the end of this post well done I  know it has been a bit of a ramble but I wanted you to know where I am at. Leave me links to your favourite money savings and money making blogs because this girl needs serious help!

Charlotte Lucy.  

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