Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The Thrift List - July

 OK, so we all know by now that I failed my spending ban right?

I am someone who doesn't have expensive taste, but I LOVE fashion. I have considered and considered and considered a capsule wardrobe but it just isn't for me. However I realised my way of shopping was frantic and haphazard (like most of my life really). I started the Buyers Archive to track my spending and then forgot at the end of each month what I had bought, I have tried giving myself a budget which never works before I feel I have to spend it all and get as many pieces as I can for that price.

So I am trying a new approach. Each month I am going to put together a thrift list. Items I am actually looking for, probably inspired by bloggers I am not going to lie! At the end of each month I will decide if the piece moves onto a master list if I still want it and haven't managed to get it!

This first list may be a little longer as I have been saving fashion posts since May!

So what I am I looking for in July?

Yellow Dress.

I think that La La Land started this obsession but even before that I used to have this yellow dress that I paid 99p for and took every time I went on holiday, however after a good few years the colour had faded and sadly it had to go. So after falling in love with Emma Stones dress, I then spotted the lovely Hayley in a beautiful yellow dress and it ignited a fire within me! I am torn between buying this ASOS number or this New Look one, but I need to shop around.

Colourful biker jacket.

I fell in love with my biker jacket that I managed to get for £4 at the beginning of the year but it just doesn't seem summer appropriate. I saw this gorgeous red one on Lolly and then my gorgeous friend Sophie sporting this pink one and I have been on the hunt ever since. I know a lot of them have been around on the high street (New Look had a fabulous range as did Quiz) but so far I haven't found the perfect style and fit for me.  

Knee length denim skirt.

Preferably button down the middle and has to have some elastic in the waist. I am not fussy right? I used to have quite the collection of skater skirts but since I have gained weight they still fit round the waist but are pretty much obscenely short. I can't even find an image of what I have in my head! But that said I will know it when I see it *makes a little wish to the charity shop fairies.*

Fitted Denim Jacket.

Over the last year or so I have picked up two really perfect denim jackets but they are both over sized and I just can't make them work with maxi dresses. So I am looking for a denim jacket that fits well. I also have a really great patch that I want to iron onto it so it has to be good to make that commitment!

Vintage Converse.

This is something I have always been on the look out for! Either converse or converse style shoes, I bought some rocket dog ones at the beginning of the year with beautiful daisies size 6 though and they are too small so I will be selling them if anyone is interested. I have a pair of white ones from new look that I am wearing to death at the moment so I would like a bit more variety. 

So that's what I am looking out for this month. Do you have things in mind you want to buy? 

Charlotte Lucy



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