Tuesday, 12 September 2017

What I thought of the Curve Fashion Festival

Outfit Details:
Top New Look
Skirt Boohoo but bought second hand
Converse vintage Vintage Scene Leicester 

On Saturday I made my way up to the Curve Fashion Festival at the Liverpool exhibition centre. Ive wanted to write a post for ages about how fashion is so much more important to me since embracing my body, but thats for another day.

Walking into the hall with anxiety was a huge deal for me. I spent most of the morning on the toilet, hyperventaliting thinking about whether to just get back into bed, but I am so glad that I didn't. I put on my tulle skirt, my cats are forever tee and my favourite vintage converse , pulled up my big girl pants and off I went.

I arrived just in time for the how to be an influencer chat with Body Posi Panda and Grace Victory, and I will admit I was completely star struck. Megan was exactly as warm in real life as she appears on her instagram and blog. They talked about the blogging industry and actually spurred me on to keep going with both my blogs (I also run Discovering Charlotte which is focused on health, food and lifestyle) as I am not here to make money. I am here to spread my message and hopefully help other people.

I then followed them to the meet and greet and honestly thought I was going to be sick in the que! They say never meet your Idols but I had a really long chat with Megan about body positivity and thin privilige. I honestly thought I could have stood there and chatted all day!

I then made my way to the VIP lounge which was my biggest dissapointment of the day. Let me tell you know the vip ticket is not worth it in the slightest for three reasons.

1. The Goody Bag. I don't like to complain about goody bags when they are freebies but when they are a perk of the upsell on a ticket I feel it is fair game. A tote bag, some low priced make up and some yours pierced earrings I could have done without. In fact the goody bags that very were giving out to everyone were much better.

2. The VIP catwalk seating. There was plenty of seating at the catwalk and so having reserved seats was neither here nor there. Also they were in blocks at the side, when I have been to other similar events they have had the front row reserved for VIP which personally I prefer.

3. The VIP Lounge. Well this was totally pants. After being sold as being decorated by debenhams there was a lot of plastic seating and again not worth the money as there was plenty of seating around the venue.

After that it was on to the shopping! I am lucky as a size 16/18 that most high street stores still cater to me (and you all know I mostly charity shop anyway) but I was really excited by a few of the brands there! Firstly I bought a gym top from OBD Clothing which I am waiting to arrive (and will feature in a post when it arrives)

I also discovered two new to me brands Apples and Pears Clothing and Plus Equals. Apples and Pears were having a sale but I just felt too hot and sweaty to try anything on even though most brands had changing rooms. Plus Equals are the brand of my dreams which sequins, feathers and all the bright colours. However they are a little out of my price range so I will be keeping an eye on them for special occasions and when I want to spend a little more.

It was also really nice to see online retailers such as Lindy Bop, Very and Navabi as I could really feel the quality in their pieces. Again i didnt have the budget to purchase anything but I know now that in the future I would be happy to purchase from these brands online.

I didn't hang around after this, I was too hot and I just needed to get out. I am sad that I missed Megans book signing (I did buy her book though!) but I just couldnt stay any longer. All in all I am hoping to go again next year, but next time I will stick with a standard ticket, VIP was not worth it.

Did you go to the Curve Fashion Festival? I would love to know what you thought!

Charlotte Lucy

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