Friday, 29 December 2017

A Different Way To Take Your Vitamins with Better You

I am all for taking supplements in my diet. I have battled deficiencies for most of my life. I try and focus on my diet and trying to get everything I can from food but with my IBS this isn't always possible. Its two fold, on the one hand I have days when I struggle to eat or at least eat enough. When I am battling the heartburn, bloating, cramping a diarrhoea. I also then struggle because due to the amount of diarrhoea that I have I don't keep the nutrients in or absorb them. I am also terrible at remembering to take my tablets. Some supplements have to be taken with food and at the moment I am not in a regular pattern of eating (yeah I know that's bad, save that for another post). Also some have to be taken more than once a day, and like I say remembering to take my pills once a day with my brain fog is a nightmare.

So when BetterYou sent me these sprays I was more than excited. First up is the daily vitamin b12 oral spray. B12 has been proven to not only reduce tiredness and fatigue but it is also very important in helping the brain and nervous system to function properly. We get it in our diets from sources such as meat, fish, milk and eggs which is why it is usually deficient in a vegan diet. Its also hard to absorb in the gut and in the past I have required B12 injections. As a water soluble vitamin there isn't an upper limit and so I have been talking 4 sprays daily in to my inner cheek which provides 1,200 units of vitamin B12. its also in this really nice peach flavour! 

Secondly is the turmeric daily oral spray. Turmeric has been in the press a lot lately with its anti inflammatory properties. However, evidence wise, there is not a huge amount of evidence based practise to suggest that any turmeric supplements and I really wasn't keen on the orange taste so I don't think that this is one that I will continue with.

Last but not least is the vitamin D spray. After a two year long battle to get my own levels within the normal range I am determined to keep it that way. Again the evidence suggests that by having a spray directly into your mouth its absorbed better than traditional tablets which have to contend with the tricky digestive system. It also has a natural peppermint flavour so i like to take this last as it gives me that lovely fresh breath feeling. 

If you want to test out any of these products yourself they are available from Better You and also available in Holland and Barret stores. I am going to be continuing with the B12 and Vitamin D sprays as well as hopefully trying out the multivitamin spray. Keep an eye out next week for a second post about Better You, talking about their fantastic range of magnesium products ...

Charlotte Lucy 
 These products were sent to me free of charge to review, but as always all opinions are 100% honest and my own  

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