Monday, 29 January 2018

The Clothing Audit: January 2018.

So for 2018 I have decided to introduce a new series to Shoestring Chic. Inspired by the Buyers Archive I wanted to track not only what I am spending money on and what is coming into my wardrobe, but also what I am sending to the charity shop and what clothes I am really loving.

One thing I am trying to do this year is to try and really hone my style. There are a lot of clothes that I am trying to wear, but each month I am going to document what I have loved, what I have bought and also what I am sending off to the charity shopping. 

Firstly lets have a look at my three favourite outfits this month. 


This is one of my very favourite summer dresses that on a particularly blue January day I decided to to pull out and layer over a grey long sleeved tee. It cost me less than a fiver from the Scope charity shop.


When I tried on this blue asos maternity dress from Age Uk It fit me perfectly and felt like the dress was made for me. Unfortunately on its first outing I ruined it with a particularly messy Pho. So this month I layered it underneath a cream cable knit jumper which I bought from LOROs by design


Massive bargain was this 99p Allegra Kay dress that I bought from DAPP. I wore it for Toms Graduation and I don't know if it was my fresh new do but I was just feeling really good! I put this River Island jacket over the top. 

Coming In ...

So this month I have added a grand total of 4 items to my wardrobe. Yes, thats right 4. I have made it my rule to try things on and thats really helped. Also, I am going back to university in March to do my nursing degree and so I have been working long hours to try and put some money away. As I am writing this I am currently in Leeds where I was looking forward to vintage shopping but I have come down with the flu so I have been practically confined to me hotel bed and even when I have gone out trying on clothes was the last thing I wanted to do! 

Anyway, clockwise from top left:

1. This beautiful ring was a bargain at £2 from Tesco. On first glance I thought it was a leopard, but the more I wear it the more I think its some other creature as it has large back legs. Nevertheless he is gorgeous and I have been enjoying wearing him!

2. At the beginning of the month I had a horrible experience where I was attacked by a patient, and rightly or wrongly I was looking for something to cheer me up. I happened upon the accessorize sale and spotted this beautiful necklace. I thought it was £4 but scanned at the till for £1 and fell in love.

3. I have really fallen back in love with skater dresses. I have tried so many other styles and actually I am just so comfortable in a nice patterned skater that fits at my waist and actually my favourite are from Dorothy Perkins (all from charity shops obviously) I love the print on this one. When I tried it on my friend Kelly said that it looked like my clothes which is always a great compliment! This cost me the grand total of £3 from the Cancer Research charity shop.

4. On the same charity shop I picked up this shirt. Not something I usually wear but I want to experiment with layering it under pinafore dresses and also tied over my skater dresses. I am also on the look out for a pair of long dungarees so we will see! This was again from the cancer research shop, though originally from George at Asda and cost me £2.

So ... Januarys total was a tiny £8. I think thats possibly the lowest I have EVER spent on clothes, shoes and accessories in one month!

Charlotte Lucy

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