Thursday, 8 March 2018

The Clothing Audit: February 2018.

So February was a VERY short month in some respects and as I have mentioned on my Instagram stories towards the end of last week my mental health took a sharp decline. There are signs that I should have noticed but due to having the flu at the beginning and then just pushing myself to keep going and keep going I ended up just completely shutting down on Tuesday. However after a few days off Facebook, gentle self care and just putting on foot in front of the other (and a few pills from the doctor!) I feel like I can keep going. 

Anyway, I did a few little shopping trips this month and fell back into my old habits of not trying on and just buying everything that caught my eye and was in my size. Which has meant that a couple of things that I am not sure totally suit my shape, but we will see how much use I get out of them. One benefit to only shopping in charity shops means that actually the money has still gone to a good cause. 

Anyway, firstly favourite outfits of February?


You'll recognise the shirt from last months post and I really enjoyed tying it over a second hand Henry Holland dress I bought last year. I wore it for a cinema date I think and I just felt a little fancier than I normally do! 


I wore this Boden dress (which I bought for £2.99 from Age Uk last year) about 4 or 5 times this month. I wore it for my induction day at uni, a day out in Birmingham and a quick trip to the pub with Tom. It fits me perfectly, its nice and warm and it just feels so me. I am hoping to find more dresses like this!


This dress is another I have worn several times this month. Its a marks and spencers thin grey sweater dress, It has pockets and its is so comfortable! I wore it on this day with my oasis cape I bought a few years ago (Oxfam Bristol, £10) but it has been my go to cosy dress when I was feeling like I didn't want to even get dressed.

What I Bought This Month ...

Robe, Age Uk £2.25 I had seen this earlier in the month but didn't want to pay the £4.50 for it and so I left it, but folded when it was half price! I have been loving wearing this when I cover myself in moisturiser and that was my sole intention when I bought it.

Black GAP Dress, Age Uk £2.50 Again I saw this a while ago and thought it would be perfect but its a little bit snug at the moment! I am going to see how much wear I actually get out of this but it may have to be re donated. We will see. 

Striped PER UNA Dress, Loros £6 Another one that I didn't try on but this fits lovely. I have come to the conclusion since ready the curated closet that my uniform is dresses! I loved the colours of this one and I am looking forward to wearing it. 

JOJO MEME BEBE Dress, Cancer Research UK £3 Ok so I first tried this dress on, and its a breast feeding dress so my boob popped wholly out of it! I left it, but when it was there later I felt like I had to have it. As long as its tied up right / I make sure Im wearing a good bra I think I will be ok!

FLORENCE AND FRED Dress, Oxfam, £4.99 I fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it and was so glad it was in my size. I plan to wear it with black tights and I am on the look out for some black ballet flats too

MANDI velvet dress, Extra Care £3.99 This is one that I am not totally sure works with my shape. I was drawn in by the velvet and also I think the fact that I am going to be going to uni (as you are reading this its my first day!) but its VERY short. So who knows, I may wear it out to a student night!

GEORGE Printed thin cardigan, Cancer Research Uk £2 This I really love! I picked it up for holiday as last year I found the nights a little chilly and only had my scruffy travelling hoody to throw on! Its super soft swell.

PAPAYA Jacket, Cancer Research Uk, £3 I tried this on in the shop and I couldn't decide whether I loved it but for £3 I had to give it a chance. its a cropped jacket with 3 huge buttons but my issue is the sleeves are short so I am not sure how its going to work, although I did think I could get some ridiculous long gloves I have wanted for ages!

TU Denim Jacket, Extra Care, £3.49 The pricing in extra care is so so random as I would have definitely priced this higher than the velvet dress but there you go. I am a sucker for a good denim jacket and this one will be a fab edition to my collection. This is also going to be coming on holiday with me as its sort of cropped and should look fab with maxi dresses

ST MICHEALS Mustard Cardigan, Age Uk, £5 This is 100% my favourite purchase of this month and I want to wear it with everything, every day! I spotted the colour from across the shop and new as long as it fit I had to have it have it. Its huge and oversized and thats all I can really say about it. 

MATALAN bikini, £12 The first none charity shop purchase I bought this year. I wanted a new bikini for my holiday and I fell in love with this one!

CONVERSE, Depop, £15 I have been after some converse like this since last year and when one of my Instagram friends was selling them on depop I had to have them. Again I have been wearing them non stop since I bought them!

I also bought some underwear and socks this month which came to £14.99 but Im not going to show the pictures here as to be honest they are really boring! 

In total this month I spent: £78.21
In total this year I have spent: £86.21

So thanks to having such a frugal month last month I am still on track with my goal of £50 a month this year. 

Charlotte Lucy