Tuesday, 24 July 2018

My no spend year ...

I feel like I have made similar suggestions before and always feel like a spring that coils tighter and tighter only to go on mad spending spree when I have been feeling low with my depression. 

It seemed to begin this time at the beginning of July. It was the end of my student loan and honestly, I was feeling exhausted. I started to treat myself to a few bits here and there and before I knew it I was borrowing money from my savings that I promised I would replenish when I next worked a shift. Then my nana fell, and I was thrown into a spiral of spending all day with her at the hospital. This meant cancelling my shifts, and spending obscene amounts of money on shitty hospital meal deals and take aways on my way home. It also meant treating myself because I felt like I deserved it (Although I don't regret my Lindy Bop bargain from the British Heart Foundation, or my yellow rain coat I bought with my birthday money but I digress)

I feel like I am constantly decluttering a house and getting nowhere and my measly weekly budget seems to disappear as soon as I draw it out. So I have decided that I really need to work on my mental health. This year of no spend was inspired by the wonderful Cait Flanders and I have her audiobook playing while I am writing this. I am not necessarily going to be saving a lot of money by doing this, more than likely just redistributing my budget so that I have more money to spend on good quality food etc and I am also hoping to be able to pay for some kind of therapy

Id love to have some support on this, maybe your doing something similar or will help to keep me accountable? Either way I am hoping to keep this blog more updated in the coming weeks!


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