Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Beauty Under A Fiver: Nivea Body Mousse Wild Raspberry And White Tea

Bought From: Wilkos 
Cost: £4 (I paid £2 on offer) 

First Impressions: 

I bought this mousse on a bit of a whim despite having tonnes of body lotions.  I think the novelty of the mousse drew me in and also the scent is heavenly. Despite there being a scratch and sniff patch on the product I had to search to the back of the shelf at my local Wilkos to find one that hadn't been opened! It's easy to use, you merely shake the bottle and apply. My first application was a bit messy, it comes out like a shaving foam and so less is more, but I think I have got the hang of it! After the first application it has made my skin feel lovely and soft and the scent is subtle but lovely. It claims it has a 48h deep moisture and so I am going to put that to the test! I will be adding to this review once I have finished using the product (Either decided that it's not for me or have used it up!)

After a week:

So after a week of use I am really disappointed! After the first couple of applications the mousse no longer came out as moussey (Is that even a word?) and was a lot stickier. Yes it made my skin feel really soft once it had dried but it took a long time to dry. The scent, although gorgeous when it was first on the skin, didn't last and I think if the scent is going to be so gorgeous you'd want it to last.

Will I repurchase? 

Not a chance! Like I say its sticky, it doesn't last and its not cruelty free. Im not even going to finish this bottle, its going to be in this months empties and disappointments. 

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