Thursday, 25 October 2018

Snacks On Trial: Nutreelife

Anyone that knows me well will now that I love a good snack. I spend a lot of time commuting between home, work and university and so anything that I can eat on the bus without getting strange looks from other passengers is a bonus. I am also a big believer in gentle nutrition so if my snacks can give something to my body that is also great (although sometimes you just need a doughnut from doughnuts and that is just fine by me)

I was gifted a box of these nutreelife bars to try. The bars are 100% vegan, natural, soya free and gluten free and can be purchased from here. The multipack comes in at £21.99 which works out at around £1.37 a bar which is on par with other snack bars I eat. They come in 4 different varieties, wellbeing, recovery, energy boost and detox. So what did I think?

Wellbeing is a toasted pistachio with cacao and chlorella which makes it bright green! I really enjoyed the taste of this one as one of my favourite flavours is pistachio. At first I thought the bar was going to be quite dry but as you chew it the texture changes and almost tastes cakey ... Im not sure I am describing this well!

Recovery is a spiced clementine with added turmeric and black pepper and this bar is just not for me. The clementine flavour was lost and the black pepper is the only taste that I could taste after.

Energy Boost is a pink guava flavour with beetroot and guarana. I really enjoyed this flavour as the guava was really refreshing and the guarana did seem to give me some energy! I would definitely take this one as a pre workout snack

Detox is a blueberry and charcoal flavour bar. I have to address the fact here that I hate that this is called detox. I am a big believer in evidence based practice and recently there have been so many detox claims that as soon as I hear the word I pull a face. To detox your body all you need is a working liver. The flavour was really nice, but it had these crunchy bits in which I really hated! Im not sure if that was the charcoal?

All in all I wasn't overly impressed with these snacks. I would pick up the wellbeing or energy boost flavours if I saw them being sold separately but its not something I would go out of my way to order online. What snacks are you loving?


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