Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Student Nurse Diaries: When the student becomes the patient ...

So I had planned for now to be on my year 1 placement two. I should have had an exam done and two pieces of coursework on their way to being done. Yet I am sat in my pyjamas watching daytime tv and trying not to let my anxiety explode my brain. So what happened?

On the 12th September I was supposed to be going into uni for lectures but I woke up feeling terrible. I had been feeling run down for a few weeks and my IBS had been giving me trouble but I thought nothing of it. I had made a non urgent GP appointment for the next time I had some time off uni (28th September I think) and carried on. This morning was different though and so I rang and managed to get an urgent appointment. My GP arranged for me to be sent to the hospital for a scan because I have had ovarian cysts before (and had surgery in 2011, 2016 and 2017) and my observations were a little all over the place. They arranged for me to have a scan that afternoon in The Gynae assessment uni and it turned out that I had a 9cm cyst on my left ovary and 5cm on my right.

If you didn't already know I struggle with anxiety and one of my biggest fears is not having my pain taken seriously but the staff were all lovely. They remembered me from the year before and I was admitted to the ward and put on lots of pain killers. I had an MRI scan and it was found that my left ovary was attached to my bowel. So that was it I was scheduled in for surgery on the Saturday.

Waking up afterwards I was groggy but actually felt not too bad. This was largely due to my PCA, a morphine pump and a little button in my hand that I could press every five minutes for a shot of morphine. I had a uni lateral saplingoopherectomy and a cystectomy, which means they opened my up (a bit like a Caesarean) removed my left ovary and fallopian tube and a cyst from my right ovary.

Day 2 after surgery was the worst. Between vomiting, crying my eyes out and flushing from the morphine rash I cant thank the nurses that looked after me enough. They truly looked after me and made me feel safe and like I could do it.

Im now on day 18 and my recovery has been up and down. I will write more about it going forward and I want to write a guide for anyone going in for the same surgery as I have some tips up my sleeve! I have had to interrupt from my nursing studies for now, but this isnt the end its just a pause.

Charlotte Luy

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