Tuesday, 8 January 2019

My new shopping rules

I was going to write this in a notebook, just for me but I asked on my instagram and people would like to see it and so here it is! Also being out in the open it makes me more accountable!

I have said here before that I am a shopaholic, but actually, Im not sure thats totally true. I enjoy shopping but I dont have as much of a problem with it as I used to. When I was heavily invested in diet culture I used to spend my whole clothing budget on beautiful pieces (albeit from charity shops) that I could slim in to. I had basically a full wardrobe of beautiful dresses in a size 10, while my current self wore the same old leggings and t-shirt over and over again. 

When I embraced my body all of that stopped and I had a massive declutter but that doesn't mean that I stopped making poor choices. I regular got into a binge and restrict cycle ... setting myself no spend challenges and winding myself tighter and tighter like a spring only to shoot off buying everything I set my eyes on that either

a. I vaguely liked
b. was in my size
c. was cheap
d. all of the above

That left me with lots of beautiful clothes but a lot were not getting the love they deserved. I have learnt a lot about my style recently (a post will be coming next week) but I am glad that I am comfortable in the position now that I can experiment with fashion without supporting fast fashion and I am now being really strict with myself and have been sharing my Wear My Wardrobe shots on my instagram  and if an outfit doesn't work for me I will either declutter it straight away or give it two more chances within the next week to remix it or again it goes. The charity shop circle of life continues!

Anyway my rules for the next 60 days are:

1. Unless an item is on my ultimate thrift list I will not spend more than £3 on a single item.

2. Again, unless on the list, I wont be buying any home accessories or books. I need to declutter massively at home and so these are blacklisted for the next 60 days.

3. Anything I want to add to the list will be written in a notebook with the date. If thirty days later its still an item I want to purchase it can become part of the master list.

4. I am not allowed to buy anything without trying it on.

5. Whenever I go shopping I will set a limit on number of pieces I am allowed to buy that day 

So thats that! I have some other things I want to do such as meal planning, budgeting and shopping my stash! I am also going to bring back my buyers archive posts but I am thinking of doing them on youtube ... what do you think?

Charlotte Lucy

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